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Zenyum X Surge: Đến lúc tăng vọt

Thật tự hào khi Zenyum là một phần của Surge, một phần của Sequoia Ấn Độ. Hiện chỉ có 17 công ty trong số hàng ngàn ứng viên trên khắp Đông Nam Á và Ấn Độ tham gia vào đội ngũ tiên phong - và Zenyum là một trong số đó.Surge là một chương trình mở rộng được quản lý chặt chẽ để hỗ trợ sự tăng trưởng vượt trội cho các công ty. Đây là hình thức vay vốn đầy ý nghĩa, theo sau là sự

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Get Started Starting your Zenyum journey is a quick and hassle-free process. To get started, fill out our easy pre-assessment survey. Enter your details and specify what you would like to fix about your teeth using Zenyum Invisible Braces. This survey helps our doctors pre-assess you and better gauge your expectations. Get Approved Upon submitting the survey, you will receive a follow-up

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Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram these days, you find pretty much the entire orthodontic world on offer as DIY products. From whitening to teeth straightening, complex dental procedures have been condensed to quick Ikea-esque home projects. Strides in technology have been made since the first pair of braces were fitted onto a patient. With digital dentistry on the rise, technological advancement like intraoral cameras and optical scanners, have done nothing but aid the process of

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Our mission at Zenyum is simple: We want to help you achieve a happy, confident and radiant smile that won’t break your bank. Harnessing the power of 3D printing and thermoforming technology, Zenyum’s clear teeth aligners are your solution to straighter teeth and a healthier bite. Our team of dental experts are dedicated to transforming each smile we treat. Senyum in Bahasa means smile Zenyum is Singapore’s very own answer to expensive dental braces and teeth aligners. Our solution is