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5 Things You Must Invest in in Your 20’s

Investing. We all know we need to do it, but at 22 where exactly does one start? With the plethora of options out there, and your newfound financial freedom how do you make the best spending decisions? We’ve come up with a list to help you put those extra few bucks to better use. The first step in investing is to view money not merely as a tool to fulfil your everyday needs but as a way for you to upgrade yourself. Put money towards elevating your lifestyle, spend on experiences and

The once-in-a-lifetime smile for the once-in-a-lifetime occasion

A smile journey of a bride-to-be“The reason I decided to do this is because I’m getting married next summer and I wanted my teeth to be nice and straight before that. Also, I was able to save some money for the wedding and still get my teeth fixed, so it was a win win.”– Rachel McCorkellOriginally from Ireland, Rachel McCorkell had been thinking of getting her teeth straightened once again as her teeth shifted over time since her previous orthodontic treatment. However, she couldn’t

Let the professionals do the job!

“In my opinion, the supervision by dentists is really crucial for teeth-straightening, after all, dentistry is a highly respected profession. It’s not as simple as just buying clothes or shoes; which can be a waste of money at times, but because it can potentially create irreversible damages to my teeth if not handled by a professional”  — Tracy Kwok If done correctly, teeth-straightening can really be a life-changing transformation. We all know that it helps improve your physical

When cosmetics is no longer gender-specific

“As a guy, I feel we probably don’t spend as much time and money on aesthetics and appearances, but at $13,800 it was a reasonable amount that I can afford and felt like it’s worth the price for a better smile.” — Alex LoWhen it comes to managing our appearances, guys tend to spend less time, money and effort than girls. That’s exactly why Zenyum is perfect for both genders, an easy solution for a perfect smile with minimal effort! Alex, who works in the financial industry made his

Wearing braces can be easy-peasy!

“Deep down I knew the costly and painful experience of wearing traditional metal braces was not an option, so I had been waiting for a new solution for quite some time. So to be honest, when I came across Zenyum, it was a bit of a no-brainer; affordable and dentist-approved treatment. LET’S GO!” — Natalie“I wore braces when I was younger, the traditional kind, but of course I didn’t wear my retainers enough which eventually made my teeth to shift places and no longer straight”,

Zenyum X Surge: Time to surge ahead

Today, we are happy and humbled to announce that we are part of Surge, an initiative by Sequoia India. Only 17 companies out of thousands of applicants across SEA and India made it into the first cohort - and Zenyum is one of them. Surge is a highly curated rapid scale-up program that turbocharges companies: This comes in the form of significant capital and the mentorship and guidance of some of the fastest growing, most innovative companies in the region, such as Oyo, Zilingo, Go-Jek or One

Zenyum is Not DIY Orthodontics

Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram these days, you find pretty much the entire orthodontic world on offer as DIY products. From whitening to teeth straightening, complex dental procedures have been condensed to quick Ikea-esque home projects. Strides in technology have been made since the first pair of braces were fitted onto a patient. With digital dentistry on the rise, technological advancement like intraoral cameras and optical scanners, have done nothing but aid the process of

Giving You a Reason to “Zenyum”

Our mission at Zenyum is simple: We want to help you achieve a happy, confident and radiant smile that won’t break your bank.Harnessing the power of 3D printing and thermoforming technology, Zenyum’s clear teeth aligners are your solution to straighter teeth and a healthier bite. Our team of dental experts is dedicated to transforming each smile we treat. Senyum in Bahasa means smileZenyum is Singapore’s very own answer to expensive dental braces and teeth aligners. Our solution is