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Our most advanced aligners can transform any smile

Zenyum Invisible Braces can handle more complex cases now, thanks to next-level tech and our expert partners.
Let our most advanced aligners ever help you get your dream smile today!

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A confident smile can change your story.

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Which clear aligner treatment is right for you?

We offer ZenyumClear™ for mild cases, and ZenyumClear™ Plus or ZenyumClear™ Extra for more complex cases as recommended by our partner dentists.

ZenyumClear™ZenyumClear™ PlusZenyumClear™ Extra
Mild to moderate crowding, overbite, gapsModerate to severe crowding, overbite, gapsVery severe crowding, overbite, gaps
Does not fix back teethInvolves the movement of all teethAll teeth
Average treatment duration: 7 monthsAverage treatment duration: 10 monthsAverage treatment duration: 15 months
Minimal or no attachmentsAttachments on multiple teethAttachments on most teeth
No extractionsExtractions if necessaryExtractions if necessary

*Any charges or fees relating to services provided by our partner dentist (including but not limited to dental appointments and scan fees) shall be solely borne by you and payable directly to the clinic. Prices are captured on a biweekly basis and may be subject to change.

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ZenyumClear™ Plus


For all your aligner sets

ZenyumClear™ Extra


For all your aligner sets

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9 month interest-free payments

ZenyumClear™ Plus


Up to 9 monthly interest-free payments

ZenyumClear™ Extra


9 month interest-free payments

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