Adventure-Ready Smiles: 7 Travel Oral Care Tips for Travellers

woman smiling in front of Eiffel Tower

As the world opens up and we find ourselves going back out into the far-flung corners of the world, it fills us with so many emotions. Yeah, we’re excited and we can’t wait to hop on that plane – but we’re also adjusting, nervous about leaving the comfort of home for the first time in […]

What a dentist can tell from your teeth pictures

Girl taking a picture of her teeth

Staring at yourself in the mirror every time you brush your teeth and floss can be a great way to practise your observational skills. You notice the stray nostril hair peeking out inquisitively. You spot the angry zit you squeezed out last week (now it’s back with a vengeance). And marvel at how much shade […]

Got An Overbite? Here’s Why Braces Will Help You Fix It | Zenyum SG

Dentist checking patient's teeth

The tale of Freddie Mercury The most famous example of an overbite is Freddie Mercury’s teeth. The famous rockstar had four extra teeth in the back of his mouth that pushed his front teeth forward. Freddie however, refused to fix his overbite because he believed it was what made his voice so unique. However, mere mortals like the rest […]

During the Treatment: The Nitty Gritty on Your Zenyum Invisible Braces Journey | Zenyum SG

Zenyum Invisible Braces in storage box, next to notebook

Congratulations! You’ve officially started on your Zenyum journey. You might now be gearing up to start wearing your Zenyum Invisible Braces or maybe you’re excitedly waiting for them to be 3D-printed. Perhaps you’re already nearing the end of your treatment and want to find out how to maintain that not-so-distant glowing smile? Wherever you are […]

Your Top Questions On How Zenyum Invisible Braces Works | Zenyum SG

A blue aligner case, perfect for storing your Zenyum Invisible Braces on-the-go.

Thinking about starting your Smile Journey this year? Chances are, you may have asked, “How exactly does Zenyum work?”   Sure, your Instagram feed is flooded with Invisible Braces ads, and you’re thinking to yourself: Aren’t they all the same? Except, well, they’re not. We’re here to help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of, […]

I’ve submitted my pre-assessment photos, so what’s next? | Zenyum SG

First of all, congratulations! You have taken the first step towards achieving the smile of your dreams by submitting your teeth photos! While awaiting your pre-assessment results, here’s more information on what to expect for your Zenyum invisible braces journey, should you be suitable for either of our treatment plans. Dentist-recommended treatment Our teeth-straightening solution […]

The difference between ZenyumClear™, ZenyumClear™ Plus and ZenyumClear™ Extra

Two hands holding Zenyum Invisible Braces, which are used for orthodontic treatment.

Are you interested in transforming your smile discreetly, and with quick, visible results? Chances are, we might see the words ‘invisible braces’ or ‘clear aligners’ in your search history. But for the uninitiated, Zenyum Invisible Braces are 3D-printed clear aligners that can give you straighter teeth! Previously, Zenyum was only able to treat mild teeth […]

Healthy Smile Habits For a Great Night Time Routine | Zenyum SG

night routine habits

Start your days with your nights! You’ve probably heard about the importance of a morning routine, but do you know that your  night routine pulls equal weight? A consistent night time routine can set you up for success by preparing you for the day ahead. In the long term, it leads to better sleep, higher […]

Can Braces Help Align My Crooked Teeth?

dentist smiling

Are my crooked teeth eligible for braces treatment? Did you know that teeth placement is so unique that they’re a forensic tool for identification? While teeth crookedness is part of our unique identities, straightening them has many benefits beyond aesthetics.  Maybe you’re a little skeptical, because you believe your teeth might pose a significant challenge […]

Zenyum Braces Review: What Customers Say When Comparing Us to the Rest | Zenyum SG

girl smiling with zenyum invisible braces

When it comes to reviews here at Zenyum, we like to keep things real all the way. That’s why we’re sharing some totally honest and upfront reviews from real customers. Have you been searching the internet for Zenyum reviews? We’ve compiled the all the reviews you need to see before making your decision on which aligner […]

Is Zenyum Effective? | Zenyum SG

Two friends laughing and smiling

Clear aligners can cost up to $8,000. With Zenyum, it may cost as little as $2,590 to perfect your smile. Sounds too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say about their experience. 1. Results within months! Most of our customers see results within 4 – […]

Teledentistry: Why it is Indispensable

Girl taking a picture of her teeth

What is Teledentistry? We’ve heard about telemedicine but teledentistry is newer to the game. Teledentistry is the provision of professional dental care services through remote and virtual consultations. In other words, it is the use of your smartphone or desktop to consult your dentist through a video call. Telemedicine services such as teledentistry are becoming […]


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