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Zenyum retainers.
Keep your smile forever.

The perfect companion to your new straight smile.

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Don’t waste your hard work. You’ve made it straight, now keep it straight!

Retainer wear time

You’ll need to wear your clear retainers until your teeth positions stabilise (a year after invisible braces).

Reduces teeth movement

There may be a slight relapse in teeth movement after your invisible braces treatment. Wearing your retainers reduces the chances of teeth movement and keeps your teeth straight.

Easy to wear

Just remove your retainers before and after your meals. Plus, they're clear and discreet too!

There’s no turning back with retainers

Keep teeth in place
Keep teeth in place

Retainers help stabilise teeth in their new position, as the bone around your teeth is still soft after aligners.

New bites. New tricks.
New bites. New tricks.

Retainers help you adapt to your new bite after invisible braces, reducing that awkward feeling around your jaw.

Easier smile care routine
Easier smile care routine

Well-aligned teeth are easier to brush and floss, leading to good oral hygiene over time.

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For current Zenyum patients: Buying retainers now will not end your treatment. You will receive your retainers only after you and your doctor are satisfied with the results.

Most frequently asked questions

A retainer is a custom-made device that supports the new position of your teeth after wearing invisible braces.
There are 2 types of retainers - fixable and removable. Your treating dentist will recommend suitable retainers based on your specific needs. Zenyum currently offers clear retainers for all invisible braces patients.
After your invisible braces treatment, your teeth will require some time to settle into their new positions. Retainers help the gums and bones around your teeth restructure with every wear.
A slight relapse or teeth movement after your invisible braces treatment is common as teeth are dynamic in nature. Wearing retainers reduces the chances of teeth movement and keeps your teeth straight.
For as long as you want straighter teeth! Unless crooked teeth is something you fancy. Your treating dentist will also advise you on a suitable regimen after your invisible braces treatment.
Your treating dentist needs to assess your case and approve you for retainers before you can start wearing them. For added convenience, our customer care team may contact you towards the end of your smile journey to register your interest for retainers.
Once you purchase retainers, it does not mean that your treatment has ended. Please continue to wear your aligners according to your treatment plan.
Please register your interest on our website. Subsequently, our customer care team will be in touch with more information and a payment link. You’ll receive your retainers after the treating dentist has given the go-ahead.
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