3 December 2020

3 mins read

How Much Do Zenyum Braces Really Cost You IRL?

The cost of invisible braces may seem like a significant investment.


However, when you really break down the numbers, you might find that the daily cost of ZenyumClear™ Aligners may not entail as much sacrifice as you think.


It all boils down to what you’re willing to give up in order to enjoy a similar alternative.


Which brings us to the idea of opportunity cost.

What is opportunity cost?

In economics, your opportunity cost is the loss of the benefit you would have gotten had you chosen to devote resources to your best alternative.


For example, if you spend 2 hours every day watching Netflix when instead you could have exercised for 2 hours, your opportunity cost is the physical and mental health benefits accrued from the exercise.


Similarly, if you put a portion of your savings into investments every month, you give up some spending money every month while incurring an opportunity cost of the happiness you might have from the additional things you could buy.


In return, you expect to be swimming in piles and piles of money when you retire.


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So what does Zenyum actually cost you IRL?

If you opt to get ZenyumClear Aligners now, let’s take a look at what you’re giving up over 6 months, the minimum amount of time for Zenyum invisible braces treatment.


RM5,599 divided over 6 months is only RM31 per day (or close to RM220 a week).


In real life, RM31 can buy you:

  • A really decent burger which is the equivalent of a mid-priced meal 
  • 2 Starbucks Grande frappuccinos

Okay, maybe you don’t always buy coffee or eat out every day.


Fair point.


But you know what?


You could easily be spending more than RM200/week on:

  • That upscale gym membership you’re not even making full use of
  • Friday happy hours, clubbing and karaoke sessions
  • Shopping every time there’s a sale on Lazada 


If you’re starting to think some of your weekly expenses are actually not worth it…


Then only one question remains.

Are ZenyumClear Aligners worth it?

The question now is whether the benefit of ZenyumClear Aligners is worth the cost of giving up your daily lattes, frappuccinos, eating out and recreation.


Make no mistake, there are some little things you’ll forego when you invest into something like ZenyumClear Aligners.


It isn’t just about the money.


There are new lifestyle habits you have to adopt such as regularly cleaning your invisible braces, taking them off before meals and putting them back on and getting used to the discomfort of a new set of aligners.

Reasons you should get ZenyumClear Aligners

Crooked and crowded teeth are much more difficult to clean and the buildup of bacteria can lead to a host of other oral problems such as plaque, inflamed gums, and tooth cavities.


You might also be wearing down your teeth if you have an overbite because your bottom teeth keep hitting the back of your top teeth all the time.


Misaligned jaws also make it hard for you to chew food properly.


Ultimately, the top reason to get invisible braces is a boost in confidence.


Tight-lipped smiles aren’t a sign of confidence.


Wide, genuine smiles where you show your teeth and laugh out loud exude charisma and confidence which creates a positive impression in the workplace and with your significant other.


Investing in ZenyumClear Aligners paves the way to a lifetime of confidence, wider smiles and healthier teeth.

You Deserve To Have A Beautiful Smile You're Proud Of

We walk you through every step in your invisible braces journey for a lifetime of confidence.

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How Much Do Zenyum Braces Really Cost You IRL?