20 October 2020

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Zenyum Braces Price Breakdown (What Other Invisible Braces in Malaysia Don’t Want You To Read)

How much are Zenyum invisible braces in Malaysia? Are there any hidden costs? Find out in this braces price breakdown.

How much is Zenyum? What are the hidden costs? Is it a scam?!

These are probably the most frequent questions we get about any invisible braces in Malaysia. However, unlike other clear braces sellers that opt to sticker-shock you halfway through your treatment with more than a mouthful of hidden costs, we think you deserve better.

Hence, this ultimate price breakdown.

You’re welcome.

What is Zenyum Invisible Braces' price in Malaysia?

Zenyum Price Breakdown (The Real Money Minutiae Other Invisible Braces Sellers Don’t Want You To Read)

Zenyum Invisible Braces are priced at RM 5,599.

There are no price ranges or hidden costs – it’s just one fixed price for all aligners.

This means that if you’re a suitable candidate (only determined after in-clinic consultation) you get all your clear aligners, no matter the number of sets, for RM5,599.

Treatment time varies on a case by case basis and can be anywhere from 3- 9 months. The number of aligner sets you’ll need to achieve straight teeth also varies. Zenyum’s fixed price ensures that whether you need 10 sets or 20 to achieve your perfect smile, all you pay for your clear aligners is RM5,599.

This makes Zenyum Invisible Braces 70% more affordable than other clear braces in Malaysia, that can go up to a whopping RM18,000.

RM5,599 for all Zenyum Invisible Braces sets? There must be some hidden costs right?

Zenyum Price Breakdown (The Real Money Minutiae Other Invisible Braces Sellers Don’t Want You To Read)

We’re all about being upfront, and transparent at Zenyum.

That means, we have no hidden costs for our aligner sets.

But there are some additional costs that are part of the overall treatment, you should be aware of. You can find them in our pricing page. Briefly, they are:

  1. Initial doctor consultation (RM350)
  2. Re-scan* post treatment (RM300)
  3. Retainers (RM600)

*These fees are either optional or vary on a case by case basis, like if your teeth have not moved according to plan.

Initial consultation

The initial consultation with Zenyum costs RM350. 

This fee goes straight to our partner clinics and not to Zenyum. 


After treatment with Zenyum Invisible Braces, if you’re still not happy with your smile we will manufacture new aligners for you till you have achieved satisfactory results.

No additional cost for the new aligners

You do however, need to pay RM300 for a new 3D scan in the clinic. Just like the initial consultation, this money goes straight to the dentist and not to Zenyum. A re-scan is required since post treatment your teeth would have shifted and your original 3D scan would no longer be relevant.


Zenyum does provide retainers you can purchase after treatment for RM600. Though highly recommended, it’s not compulsory to buy the retainers. Since it’s an optional cost it’s not included in the original RM5,599.

It’s crucial to wear retainers post-treatment to ensure your teeth don’t shift back. 

Retainers prevent relapse and prevent your teeth from moving over time. They are an important aspect in making sure your clear braces treatment is a success and the smile you have worked so hard to perfect remains straight!

Does Zenyum braces have any payment plans in Malaysia?

zenyum my braces prices installment

Yes! We offer two payment options. You can either opt for a:

  1. One time payment of RM5,599 or
  2. Pay in 6 monthly installments of RM760 at 0% interest with first month down-payment of RM1,499.

Zenyum is not only an affordable solution but also an accessible one. Check out our detailed pricing breakdown on our website to find out more.

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Zenyum Braces Price Breakdown (What Other Invisible Braces in Malaysia Don’t Want You To Read)