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Are whitening strips safe?

Yup. ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips have received the green tick based on cosmetic regulatory safety standards.

Is it sensitive teeth-friendly?

Our whitening formula is enamel-safe and peroxide-free. All white, no bite.

3 steps to a bright white.

Dazzle on the go in one, two, three.

Peel off packaging and remove whitening strip using dry hands. Both sides of the strip can be used.

Paste strip on your upper teeth, avoiding your gums, and wrapping any excess strip behind your teeth.

Repeat steps for lower teeth. Allow to dissolve for 15-20 minutes. Now go on and smile bright.

Which whitening kit is right for you?

ZenyumBright™Whitening pensLED whitening
Can be used anytimeUsed after brushingUsed after brushing, alongside whitening strips or gels
Sensitive teeth-friendlyMay or may not suit sensitive teethMay cause sensitivity
Effortless and mess-free applicationRequires precise application and timeRequires more time and effort for the application and whitening process
Refreshing peppermint flavourNo flavourNo flavour
Whitens yellow stainsWhitens darker stainsWhitens darker stains
Portable, can be used on-the-goPortable, can be used on-the-goNot portable. Cannot be used on-the-go or for touch-ups