Why Zenyum?

Your smile = Our priority

We get it. Going to the dentist can be a tedious and daunting experience. That’s where Zenyum comes in. We employ innovative tech to facilitate round-the-clock communication with your dentist, provide a personalised service experience, and a no-frills product that actually works.
Zenyum vs WonderSmile

It's about you

Confidence doesn’t come in a day. With Zenyum, it’s not only about straight teeth, it’s about attitude. We remove the medical jargon, cancelled appointments, price variations and put your convenience at the centre of your smile journey.

Smile easy with these features

Dentists remotely and effectively track your progress via our app.
An affordable and fixed price point means no more misleading price ranges.
Round the clock dedicated support via the Zenyum App.
Results that speak for themselves -- thousands of satisfied clients across SEA.

Product Comparison

  • Treatment Price
  • Free Online Pre-assessment
  • Hong Kong Licensed Dentist
  • Treatment Monitoring via Mobile App
  • Dental Clinic Visits
  • Ongoing Customer Care
  • $13,800
  • Yes, 3+ Visits
  • Dedicated Zenyum Representative & Dentists
Traditional Invisible Braces
  • $40,000 +
  • Yes, 10+ Visits
  • Treating Dentist
DIY Braces
  • $20,000 +

Served thousands of satisfied customers across Asia

Zenyum is a professional team

Zenyum team always follow-up my treatment, they always replied me in good manner and in details

The result is amazing!

I’ve been wearing Zenyum for a while and it’s really cool! I like how convenient and easy it is to wear and clean the braces. It took me some time to get used to the braces, if you feel like the braces are too tight when you wear them for the first 4 to 6 hours, I suggest you go to sleep and it really helps! Remember to take them off before you eat as well, most importantly, if you have questions, ask the Zenyum team!

Thumbs up for Zenyum team

Zenyum team has really good attitude and they’re also responsible