Beyond the Smile: Understanding Potential Side Effects of Invisible Braces

21 August 2023

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Learn about the changes you’ll experience as you straighten your teeth!

Zenyum is all about helping you Smile More – and our invisible braces were made just for that! However, like everything else in life, things may not go according to plan. Sometimes, you may experience side effects from wearing braces – be they traditional braces or invisible braces.

Side effects of metal braces

One of the main reasons patients experience discomfort when wearing metal braces is due to the wires and tooth brackets in their mouth. With metal braces, there’s an increased likelihood of painful ulcers due to prickly wires that may cut the insides of your mouth. Sometimes patients may experience significant pain when their metal braces are tightened by their dentist. In addition, those wearing metal braces can’t eat chewy, crunchy, or hard foods while on their treatment.

Invisible Braces and their side effects

Girl in blue holding invisible braces in pink background

Short-term discomfort

There are going to be some sacrifices when it comes to getting the smile of your dreams (no pain, no gain, right?). When you first receive your invisible braces, there’s going to be a bit of discomfort as you’re wearing them for the first time. As you switch aligner sets every 10 days, you can expect some discomfort with those too. In this instance, pressure is applied to your teeth to shift them into their new positions. Fortunately, the discomfort subsides after a few days as your teeth get used to your invisible braces. 


Pro tip: Swapping out your aligner sets at bedtime allows you to sleep through any discomfort you may experience.

Temporary speech changes

When you wear your first set of aligners or if you switch to a new set, you may speak with a bit of a lisp. This is because the invisible braces may tend to take up some space in your mouth. The quickest way for the lisp to go away is to leave your aligners in for as long as possible for your mouth to adjust gradually to that feeling.

A dry mouth

Since invisible braces will cover your teeth for 20 to 22 hours, your saliva will not be going over your teeth like it used to. This may cause your mouth to produce less saliva, so be sure to hydrate! A drier mouth is also prone to bad breath, which you can combat with mouthwash like our ZenyumFresh™ Breath Shield.

Loose or wobbly teeth

If your teeth feel loose after starting your Smile Journey, there’s no need to panic! Your teeth have begun the process of shifting into their new positions, and this is a sign that your invisible braces are working. However, if you feel that something’s not quite right, always consult a dentist for professional medical advice.

Lifestyle changes after invisible braces

Removing your aligners before meals

One of the biggest changes to your lifestyle after starting your Smile Journey is having to remove them before every meal, and put them back on after eating! Furthermore, it’s advisable to drink water when wearing your Invisible Braces to prevent stains from forming on your aligners. We should add that wearing removable aligners means you won’t have to deal with food restrictions! 

But please remember to constantly clean your aligners and floss after meals, before  putting them on again.

Taking teeth pictures every 10 days

Hand holding a phone showing Zenyum monitoring app interface

If you’re always the one in your friend group taking selfies, this part is gonna be a breeze! Zenyum allows you to track your Smile Journey progress conveniently via our app. This involves taking and uploading pictures of your teeth so we can see if your treatment is going according to plan. 


After 10 days and sufficient wear time, you’ll notice that your aligners may get a little loose. When this happens, there’s no need to worry. It means that it’s time to switch to a new aligner set, and there’ll be a reminder sent to you on the app!

How would I know if I need braces?

Having bite issues, crooked teeth, or gaps could indicate that braces would be good for you. We’ve put together a list of signs that you need braces here.

Are braces done only for cosmetic reasons?

While having straight teeth can certainly improve self-confidence (which is a huge plus point) there are actually other benefits like better speech, improved health and more.

Upgrade your smile with our new and improved invisible braces!

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