21 January 2021

2 mins read

Are My Teeth Too Crooked For Braces?

Think your teeth might be crooked beyond help? With the right information and advice, straightening your teeth can be a walk in the park.

Am I really eligible for braces treatment?

Did you know that teeth placement is so unique that they’re a forensic tool for identification? While teeth crookedness is part of our unique identities, straightening them has many benefits beyond aesthetics


Perhaps you’re a little skeptical because you believe your teeth might pose a significant challenge to existing treatment methods and even your dentist. You’re not sure if invisible braces providers like Zenyum can truly help you. 


Dental technology dates way back 5000 years ago. In 1987, the first pair of invisible braces was introduced commercially. Fast forward to today, and millions have tried and tested the wonders of upgrading their smiles without a brace face – and it works! You could even opt for a free assessment to determine your eligibility for invisible braces to save a trip (and money) to the dentist! 


However, as with any other orthodontic treatment method, there are pros and cons to clear aligners.

Moderate crooked teeth that clear aligners can fix

Generally speaking, clear aligners are ideal for those who have mild to moderate conditions like the ones below:


Severe crooked teeth that require other orthodontic treatment methods

We’re going to be real with you – there are cases where other treatment methods may be more effective if you have:


  • Unusual tooth shape –  If you have pegged, round or short teeth, invisible braces may not be able to get a good grip on your teeth
  • Gaps of more than 6mm between your teeth – invisible braces can’t close gaps between your teeth that are too wide
  • Rotated teeth – you might have rotated teeth due to overcrowded teeth or a prior accident. Invisible braces can’t shift teeth that are rotated beyond 20 degrees
  • Teeth intrusion and extrusion – if any part of your teeth has been displaced into or out of its socket, invisible braces cannot raise or lower the position of your teeth.

Unsure? Let our dentists assess your smile online for free

If you’re unsure of which orthodontic treatment method is ideal for you, it doesn’t hurt to get your smile assessed for free. You’ll get some answers – and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Ready For A Knock-Your-Socks-Off Smile?

It all starts with a free Zenyum smile assessment!

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Are My Teeth Too Crooked For Braces?