Your brand-new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey is coming soon

18 April 2024

Screenshots of Zenyum app to show the new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey

Take charge of your treatment and track your progress in real time. 

From dental appointments to regular treatment progress updates, there are so many factors that go into a successful treatment journey. And we know that it can get confusing sometimes, remembering which photos you need to upload or when you need to switch aligner sets. 

After listening closely to feedback from our customers, we went back to the drawing board to optimise your ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey and designed a new platform so you can enjoy a seamless treatment experience. 

Your brand-new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey is designed to be simple, intuitive and concise, giving you more visibility and control. Read on to learn how we’ve empowered you to take charge of your treatment, so you can have a more enjoyable experience. Stay tuned for the all-new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey!

Enjoy more visibility and control

Want to know everything about your Zenyum Invisible Braces treatment when you’re on the go? You’ll see this treatment tracker when you log in for the first time. See key details, all in one place, including the total number of aligner sets you need to wear, clinic visit dates and how many sets you’ve already worn.

A mobile device showing the new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey treatment overview

Update your treatment progress with greater accuracy

Want to see only the essential details? You can now view a more concise treatment progress dashboard by toggling between the ‘View full plan’ and ‘Hide full plan’ modes. If the tracker is displaying incorrect information about the aligner set you’re wearing, update it with the correct set and the number of days you’ve been wearing that set for, on our new and improved platform. 

Control your aligner wear time

We’ve done away with our original in-app timer and created a more intuitive way for you to update your wear time. Receive reminders to switch to a new set, when it’s the right time to make the switch. Simply ‘Swipe to switch’ to update the tracker. If you’ve forgotten to switch your aligners, we’ll display your expected aligner set number, so that you’ll be back on track again! 

mobile devices which show the clear aligner switch set feature found in the new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey
Two mobile devices which show the clear aligner switch set feature found in the new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey

Get the information you need

View the 3D Smile Model to see how your teeth will move throughout your treatment journey. Everything about your treatment plan can also be found here. So if you need information about your treatment type, or when your treatment is expected to end, you can view it all in this new and improved user experience.

A mobile device displaying a customer's smile plan in the new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey

Never miss another appointment

View all past and upcoming appointments, and reschedule appointments easily on our new and improved platform. You can also indicate whether you’ve attended your appointment and see any overdue appointments so that you won’t miss another one.

Quickly compare your smile pics

Upload your teeth photos easily with our new and improved photo tracker. Once you’ve uploaded photos, you can compare photos from one set to another to see how much your teeth have shifted during your treatment. 

A mobile device showing the appointment scheduling feature in the new ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey

Start your Retainer Journey

You can also purchase retainers easily and manage your retainer purchases. Tap on the ‘My Retainer Journey’ button to view more information about retainers, once you’ve made your first retainer purchase.

Enjoy a seamless end-of-treatment experience

Once you’re on the tenth day of your last aligner set, we’ll remind you to upload five teeth photos so the treating dentist can examine your smile before you attend your final appointment. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your treatment, there’s always a chance to refine your smile with a few more aligner sets. 

A mobile device providing customers with more details on clear aligner refinements during their ZenyumClear™ Smile Journey

Refer your friends to Zenyum

Spread smiles and earn exciting rewards! Simply refer a friend to save more on your Zenyum Invisible Braces treatment. 

Stay on track and achieve your treatment goals

Be the first to check out this brand-new experience once it’s launched. Stay tuned for more!

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