If you haven’t been genetically blessed with a Hollywood-worthy straight smile, chances are, you have considered getting the shiny contraption of adult nightmares…


Metal braces.


Well, that is, until recently, when you realized there was a better (less intrusive and more affordable, yet boasting a faster treatment period) option available: 


Invisible braces!


But before you hastily key in the 3 numbers at the back of your credit card for any run-of-the-mill  clear braces provider, there are a few questions you absolutely need to ask beforehand – especially if you want to straighten your smile without a hitch.


You don’t want to end up with a more messed-up smile by the end of the treatment, do you? Of course, you don’t.


Here’s what you should ask any clear braces company.



1. Do You Provide In-Person Dental Consultations With A Dentist/Orthodontist?


While this can be difficult to hear, not everyone is a suitable candidate for invisible braces. While invisible braces are a great choice for minor or moderate orthodontic issues, they are not great for correcting more complex conditions


Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous invisible braces brands that’ll accept just about anyone without even a proper consultation with dentist/orthodontist. 


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That’s why it’s important to ask the invisible braces service provider you’re eyeing if they provide in-person dental consultations with a licensed dentist/orthodontist. A trustworthy brand will make this step mandatory.


And during the consultation, you can expect to have your dental impressions and X-rays taken. This is done to check for any pre-existing gum or teeth conditions which may impede your treatment or even worsen during teeth-straightening!


So, if an invisible braces company’s idea of an initial consultation is a:


  • Teeth scan done by staff who’s not a licensed dentist/orthodontist OR
  • DIY at-home putty impression 

Here’s one word for you: RUN. 

Like Usain Bolt.

Why Risk It With Shoddy Consultations?

 With Zenyum, every step of your teeth-straightening journey is taken under the supervision of a licensed, local dentist to ensure long-lasting, healthy results.

2. Do You Provide X-Rays?


If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that some invisible braces service providers out there eliminate in-person dentist visits completely during the course of your treatment and instead offer remote-monitoring (with the dentists, like, 189675 km away).


While this might sound like a great thing because it frees up valuable slots on your Google calendar, it’s really not.


Because you’ll be missing out on something crucial that must be done in-person



Now, you may be wondering, “Why do I need follow-up X-rays? Aren’t 3-D scans and selfie-pics of my teeth good enough?”


Well, no. 


Not all oral health problems are visible to the naked eye. 


That’s why X-rays are so crucial before getting invisible braces: they help your dentist/orthodontist determine if you’re suffering from any underlying oral conditions that might worsen or complicate things while straightening your teeth. 


If you don’t want your teeth to start shaking as they did back when you were in primary school, you need to ask: 


Do you provide X-rays?” 


And if the answer is a vacuous, unsure smile that makes you feel something’s not right


Well now you know. It’s definitely a DIY braces seller


3. Do You Offer Interproximal Reduction (IPR)?


Just so you know, interproximal reduction (IPR) involves carefully removing small amounts of enamel from between teeth to reduce their width (make them narrower). This process is sometimes necessary to create the space needed for straightening crowded teeth.


In other words, IPR is typically required for a more aesthetically-pleasing teeth-straightening result.


Before you confidently shrug and say, “Well, I don’t need IPR anyway,” stop and think for a moment. 


Do you know what happens if your teeth are more prone to overcrowding (as is the case for most Asians) and you skip IPR??? 


Well here’s a little thought nugget to chew on: Lack of IPR can cause heavy bimax and terrible profiles in Asian jaws. 


You know, ‘duckface?’ 


So, definitely remember to ask if they provide IPR in case you end up needing it.


4. What Happens If I’m Not Satisfied With My Smile?


To prevent yourself from landing in a situation where your teeth are all messed-up but you can’t do anything about it, make sure you know exactly what your options are if things don’t go well.


Some DIY invisible braces companies require you to remove any negative statements about them before a refund is possible! It’s almost impossible (like 99.99%) for you to win in such cases.


Ask The Right Questions, And You’ll Dazzle With Your Smile In No Time


It may sound obvious, but when it comes to picking the right invisible braces service provider, the most important thing you can do is ask the right questions. 


You really don’t want the risk of not only ruining your smile but also damaging your bite, by opting for a dodgy DIY braces seller!


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Got More Questions?

Zenyum provides the right answers to all your questions so you can get your perfect smile without a hitch.