9 September 2022

3 mins read

Here are 4 tips to smile naturally and look great in your holiday photos! | Zenyum MY

We heard that everyone is jumping on the ‘Let’s travel the World’ bandwagon. And we’re here to say: GO FOR IT!

We’ve been cooped up in our homes and stuck in our country for almost 2 years. Travel restrictions have been eased for a while now and more of us are planning for a getaway trip. So are your smiles picture-perfect for your holiday photos? 

If not, Zenyum is here to help you achieve your most beautiful and natural smile with these tips:

1. Relax your face and jaw muscles

Stop overthinking how you look and be natural.

When we are nervous or feeling awkward it is obvious, which is why we must consciously take time to calm down and relax the muscles on our face. Sometimes less is more and not forcing a grin will allow your natural and genuine smile to shine.

Pro tip: Shaking off all the stress by doing a silly dance or creating ‘motorboat sounds’ with your lips can help relax your muscles.

2. Keep it clean

Feeling self-conscious about how your teeth look so you often cover your mouth and is afraid to let show off your smile?

We know that travelling is all about trying the local food and capturing the special moments for the gram. So why not keep your teeth clean all day with your ZenyumSonic Go or ZenyumFresh Floss to get rid of any food stuck in between your teeth. 

Having clean teeth can do wonders to bring out your brightest smile.

3. Think about something that makes you happy

One of the oldest tricks in the books to smiling naturally is keeping your thoughts light and happy.

Thinking about someone and things that bring us joy allows our bubbly side to come out. While posing in front of your camera just imagine someone who makes you laugh is behind the lens. Some even say that thinking about ice cream and puppies help too. 

4. Say ‘Money’

No more ‘Say Cheese’ but rather say ‘Money’. We give you two simple reasons why saying ‘Money’ helps. 

  1. It is a Hollywood trick to say ‘money’ as the movement of our lips makes our smile look natural
  2. The thought of money somehow puts a smile on our faces

If all else fails...

Maybe the root insecurity of not carrying your truest smile is because of your crooked teeth. 

If you want to be smile-ready for your getaway trip, Zenyum is your one-way ticket to a picture-perfect smile. Zenyum Invisible Braces is an affordable teeth straightening solution and gives you a discreet smile journey since our aligners are clear as day. You’ll be able to show off a Duchenne smile anytime and always be photo ready.

All you have to do is take our free smile assessment to see if you can begin your smile journey with Zenyum!

Find out if Zenyum is fit for you!

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Here are 4 tips to smile naturally and look great in your holiday photos! | Zenyum MY


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