“As a guy, I feel we probably don’t spend as much time and money on aesthetics and appearances, but at $13,800 it was a reasonable amount that I can afford and felt like it’s worth the price for a better smile.”

— Alex Lo

When it comes to managing our appearances, guys tend to spend less time, money and effort than girls. 

That’s exactly why Zenyum is perfect for both genders, an easy solution for a perfect smile with minimal effort!

Alex, who works in the financial industry made his mind up and went for Zenyum’s teeth-straightening solution after considering different options for 3 years. The trio of affordable pricing, short duration, and supervision by a licensed dentist made the decision an easy one – a high quality “quick fix”

“It’s similar to the moment in life where you want to buy a car or a house for yourself, but in this case, I feel like it’s time for me to improve my smile!”

Do you ever feel like you want to improve and “upgrade” different aspects of your life? 

Sometimes, it just suddenly hits you over the head that you want to get something done and achieve something new; in this case, straightening his teeth is his new achievement!


“I like doing things online, and I trust that the process of teeth straightening can be monitored digitally by dentists, that’s why I chose Zenyum”  

Alex describes himself as “someone that relies heavily on his phone and the online world”, and that makes Zenyum the perfect solution for him.  

Our superior solution to teeth straightening breaks the tradition by not requiring frequent visits at the dental clinic. Zenyum’s mobile application connects patients to doctors online, making it perfect for the busy lifestyle that almost all Hong Kong citizens have!

Following the e-commerce trend in the 21st century, the way we shop and purchase has changed drastically. Instead of physically going to a store, we’re now only a few clicks away from a purchase!

This is similar to what Zenyum offers with regular treatment monitoring and check-ins, attentive customer service, and dental expertsAll at your fingertips!

Alex enjoys this innovative way of teeth straightening as it makes it so much more convenient and easy to on-the-go