“Deep down I knew the costly and painful experience of wearing traditional metal braces was not an option, so I had been waiting for a new solution for quite some time. So to be honest, when I came across Zenyum, it was a bit of a no-brainer; affordable and dentist-approved treatment. LET’S GO!”


— Natalie

“I wore braces when I was younger, the traditional kind, but of course I didn’t wear my retainers enough which eventually made my teeth to shift places and no longer straight”, Natalie gently admits behind a shy laugh. 

Natalie knew one of the blood and tears of wearing traditional braces would also be affecting her appearance which was a big NO-NO. Not to mention, the thought of having to go through the painful yet inconvenient experience was enough for her to stay on the sidelines.

Fortunately, she came across Zenyum’s teeth-straightening solution which met her criteria — affordable pricing while still being supervised by professional doctors “in-person”.

It also checked off her concern with appearance, with Zenyum’s braces being virtually invisible and unnoticeable, it was a perfect choice! With a couple of doctor visits and follow-up monitoring by licensed doctors via the Zenyum app, it was very reassuring that the aligner solution was both effective and safe to use.


“There is a lot of information available online, in some forums I even came across strangers misunderstanding Zenyum.

That really sparked my reason to share my personal experience to clear up any misunderstanding. I just really hope more people like me could benefit from this solution to regain a confident smile!”

When asked about Natalie’s opinions on Zenyum, she said she’s most appreciative of the energy and positivity that each and every Zenyum staff brings. 

Whether it’s during the initial inquiry stage, the fitting session at the dental clinic, or even during the treatment she felt she was always in “good hands”. She could definitely sense a passion within the Zenyum team towards bringing confident smiles to more people in Hong Kong. 

We are so glad that in only THREE MONTHS, Natalie is able to gradually put aside her concern about her teeth, and smile with confidence again. Embracing her cheerful personality, we are all really looking forward to sharing, even more smiles on this journey with her! 

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