The once in a lifetime smile for the once in a lifetime occasion

A story of a bride-to-be’s smile journey

“The reason I decided to do this is because I’m getting married next summer and I wanted my teeth to be nice and straight before that. Also, I was able to save some money for the wedding and still get my teeth fixed, so it was a win win.”
– Rachel McCorkell

Originally from Ireland, Rachel McCorkell had been thinking of getting her teeth straightened once again as her teeth shifted over time since her previous orthodontic treatment. However, she couldn’t seem to find the right solution for years until she discovered Zenyum! The newly found teeth straightening solution appeared at the right place and right time for Rachel as her wedding is right around the corner. She is on top of the world as she anticipates the confident smile that she’ll embrace on her SPECIAL DAY!

Most people assume that teeth straightening cost tons and that was exactly what Rachel thought before she came across Zenyum. Having had traditional metal braces when she was 12 years old, she knows that the high price, discomfort, and long duration is hard to endure. Besides, all she wanted was some minor alignment adjustments, especially on her bottom row of teeth. With Zenyum’s solution, she was immediately interested as it seemed like the perfect product for her with an affordable price tag. Rachel was thrilled to know that she could be mindful of spending with her wedding, and more importantly the short treatment duration of 6 months perfectly fits her wedding schedule!

“If I have someone taking a picture on that day, I know I’m not going to be staring at my teeth, because it’s really annoying me, I can see that it’s crooked! I mean other people always say they can’t even see it, but I think it’s a personal thing”

Photographs are memories that freeze in time, everyone deserves to look back on their wedding day and smile! Rachel knew that was exactly what she wants, and now that she’s ongoing Zenyum’s smile transformation, she can definitely embrace her smile and enjoy her special day without any worries! In just three months of her smile journey, she already “notices it MASSIVELY! I mean I have taken pictures and the difference is huge.” She finds it reassuring that her whole smile journey is being monitored by licensed doctors, and what’s even better is that Zenyum’s solution only has a couple of in-person doctor visits and the rest of the treatment monitoring can be done thru Zenyum’s mobile application -- of course booking an in-person check-up is always just one click away! Zenyum is the perfect teeth straightening solution for people living in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, it has never been this convenient and user-friendly to achieve a new confident smile! 🙂

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