30 December 2020

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Take Your Morning Showers The Smarter Way

Start your day right with the perfect morning routine here!

Life’s a rat race. From endless deadlines to personal commitments, finding the energy to fulfil our daily obligations can be a challenge in itself. But you don’t need to splurge on costly supplements for an energy boost – a simple morning shower does wonders to rev you up for the day ahead! 


Here’s how you can perfect that morning soak.

To heat or not to heat... The answer is BOTH!

Take away some of the heat from both your work and showers. Although we might crave the warm respite of a heated bath to relax our sore muscles and stiff joints, this isn’t the best thing to do if you’re trying to wake up smarter.

Instead, you can opt for an alternative that both health pundits and athletes strongly attest to; hot-cold-hydrotherapy. By alternating cold and hot water currents, it gets rid of fatigue, improves circulation, and provides pain relief. To unlock this vast array of health benefits, follow this contrasting procedure:

Step 1: Start the shower running at your preferred temperature. After you’re thoroughly soaked, raise the heat to a comfortable level. 

Step 2: After the shower has been running hot for around two minutes, continuously lower the temperature till it similarly becomes comfortably cool. 

Step 3: A minute after, attempt step 1 again, except this time raise the temperature slightly higher than before. 

Step 4: When 2 minutes have passed, repeat step 2, where the temperature should be even lower than before. 

Step 5: Repeat this contrasting technique for one more cycle, finishing with cold water. 

While this routine might sound daunting, you’ll feel energised and ready to take on your day like a champ. Plus! The science is backed in the medical literature. Consider trying this shower routine for a smarter way to wake up.

A solution right under your nose... Invigorating scents!

If you’re not a fan of ear-ringing alarms rousing you from slumberland, consider aromatherapy-infused showers. You don’t need a fancy shower head for this, you just need to pick the right fragrances in your soaps! 

Look out for citrus scents when picking out the soaps you use in the morning. Lemon, orange and ylang-ylang are some examples of scents that are great for perking you up and uplifting your mood. Citrus scents also dissipate quickly, so it gives you a neutral base for your perfume.  

If you prefer calming scents, pick out floral or wood-based scents like geranium, lemongrass and sandalwood. While less perky than citrus scents, they have a strong reputation for their calming effects.

Waking up the smarter way does not have to be difficult. There is a wide array of fragrances to choose from, just ensure you pick scents that best suit your needs. Looking for a perk-me-up? Citrus notes! Prefer a comforting shower? Floral and woody notes!

The finishing touch to your morning cleanse

Having a sparkly clean mouth can elevate the mood of even the crankiest morning riser. But maintaining good dental hygiene does not have to mean bleeding gums from vigorous, manual brushing.

The ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush vibrates at 33,000 times per minute to effectively clean the nooks and crannies between your teeth without hurting your gums. You can also select from 3 modes –clean, white or gentle – to get the brushing experience you want and need. 

Complement your morning scrub-downs with the ZenyumSonic™ Toothbrush and start your day smarter today.

Build a smarter, healthier brushing habit today

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Take Your Morning Showers The Smarter Way


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