Zenyum is awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Strategic Launch-Personal Care’ for Guardian Awards 2022

2 September 2022

Our oral care line, ZenyumFresh™ products, has recently been awarded not one but two big titles from Guardian Awards 2022 – ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Strategic Launch-Personal Care’. Competing against some of the world’s well-known and credible brands has made the experience of clinching the titles much more fulfilling.

What is Guardian Awards?

Guardian is one of the biggest household names in Asia and go-to health and beauty retailer for years so being a part of their annual awards was humbling for our primary online brand.

The Guardian Awards is an unbiased and independent snapshot of the brands that have impacted customers’ health and beauty journey. It allows actual users of the products to vote their favourites from the selection of nominees. 

Even being on the list of nominees was a privilege for Zenyum!

More accessible to our consumers!

Besides shopping directly from us you can meet our products in real-world retail spaces. Our ZenyumFresh™ line can be purchased in all physical Guardian stores. So that means you can pick and choose which ZenyumSonic electric toothbrush fits you best. Of course, our full line is also available including our new Waterflosser ProZenyumFresh™ Toothpaste and ZenyumFresh™ Breath Shield.

On top of visiting Guardian stores to view our products, keep an eye out for our roadshow popups that happen almost monthly. We would love for you to come by and learn more about our Zenyum Invisible Braces or ZenyumFresh™ products. 

P.S. We know that shopping online can be additive, been there done that, but who’s stopping us right? Head over to our ZenyumFresh™ page to browse our entire collection. 

Love bargain hunting?

We heard how everyone is on the hunt for the best deals or looking out for Zenyum coupons and vouchers. The secret to getting a Zenyum discount code is – reaching out to us directly!

Our oral care products in guardian have competitive prices but if you want to straighten your teeth, Zenyum provides one of the most affordable clear aligners. Up to 70%* more affordable than other teeth straightening alternatives. Now and then we have special promos for our customers interested in upgrading their smiles.

*Prices are captured on a biweekly basis and may be subject to change, T&Cs apply.

Take your first step to getting a more confident smile by completing our Free Smile Assessment! Our partner dentist will assess your teeth to see if you’re a perfect fit for us before you can continue with your personalised orthodontic treatment. 

One step closer to Zenyum discount coupons!

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