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Need to freshen your breath fast after a meal? Here’s what you get after swishing for 30 seconds:

  • Minty-fresh breath
  • Sensitivity relief
  • Protection against plaque and tartar buildup

Great results don’t have to hurt

Forget the burning. ZenyumFresh Breath Shield is sweet, because of the Xylitol—the natural sugar that does an amazing job at removing the bacteria that causes bad breath.

The sweet taste of confidence

So what causes bad breath? It could be some bits of your previous meal left in your mouth, or bacteria or plaque and tartar build up.

Rinsing your mouth helps to dislodge some food debris, but it’s what you rinse with that will give you the fresh breath you want.

ZenyumFresh Breath Shield uses a combination of natural ingredients like field mint, essential oils and xylitol to clean and freshen without you dreading every second.

Sweet smiles are made of these
  • Xylitol, the natural sweetener that kills the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath and cavities
  • Zinc Citrate which has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits to keep your smile healthy
  • Vitamin E, essential oils, and field mint flavours for that fresh feeling and fresh breath

After brushing with your ZenyumSonic in the morning, how do you keep your breath fresh till the next brush? Simple. With ZenyumFresh Breath Shield as part of your smile care ritual throughout your day.

After a meal or strong drink, swish 20 ml in your mouth for 30 seconds

Do not rinse with water after

And please, do not spit this at anyone or anywhere else except a sink

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