Can you whiten your teeth while wearing braces?

14 October 2022

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You’ve begun your smile journey by straightening your teeth with braces. Great! That’s an excellent first step towards achieving a megawatt smile. However, now you’ve gotten yourself into a sticky situation.

When you’re wearing braces, food particles can get easily stuck in between your teeth. Certain drinks (like juices, colas and coffee) can also discolour your teeth more easily, leaving you with yellow-stained teeth for days on end. Ewwww! 

Braces wearers often wonder, ‘Could I possibly get whiter teeth even while wearing braces?’ We’re here to tell you that you absolutely can! We’ll explore different types of braces and how you can improve your daily smile ritual.

Whitening teeth with different types of braces

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The type of braces you wear determines how you might go about whitening your teeth. It really makes a difference.

Teeth whitening with metal and ceramic braces

For those wearing metal and ceramic braces, it’s best to wait till your treatment is complete to whiten your teeth. If you try to do so, you may see uneven shades develop because of the brackets that cover the surface of your teeth. To achieve whiter teeth, you might see better results using whitening toothpaste and maintaining good oral hygiene with regular teeth cleaning.

Teeth whitening with lingual or invisible braces

If you’re using lingual or invisible braces, you’re in luck! More whitening options are available for you and you can start whitening your teeth without hesitation. Welcome to the world of whitening strips and trays – excellent solutions to brighten and clean your teeth.

Whitening solutions for different types of braces

Two wooden toothbrushes in between two containers of toothpaste

There are so many whitening solutions out there. However, if you’re wearing braces, which ones are best for you? Brace yourselves for some teeth whitening magic as we list a few methods for you to chew on:

Type of braces

Whitening toothpaste

Electric toothbrush


Whitening trays

Whitening strips

Metal or ceramic braces



Invisible  braces and lingual braces

Whitening strips and trays

Whitening strips and trays are possible options for those wearing lingual or invisible braces. Strips are pretty intuitive to use. However with whitening trays, you need to add whitening gel to a customised whitening tray moulded to your teeth for it to work its magic. 

In short, you’ll get the best of both worlds – straighter and whiter teeth in no time! However, be careful as most of these solutions currently available in the market may cause gum or tooth sensitivity from the bleaching agent used to whiten your teeth.



Effective as they lift stains off your teeth 

Cannot be used with traditional metal braces  

Quick results for on-the-go whitening 

May cause gum or tooth sensitivity from the bleaching agent used in whitening solutions currently available in the market

Electric toothbrushes, whitening toothpaste and mouthwash

Who wants a dazzling smile? SIGN ME UP! Whether you’re wearing traditional braces or using invisible braces, developing a good smile routine is key to maintaining a healthy white smile. This applies whether you’re wearing braces or not. 

You’ll get that dentist-fresh feel after deep cleaning your teeth with an electric toothbrush, have brighter and enamel-protected teeth with whitening toothpaste and look forward to better days with fresh smelling breath. However, don’t expect to see results overnight. Like every good smile routine, consistency is key to achieve a bright, healthy smile.

Smile like you mean it!

Start smiling brighter by completing your free smile assessment to determine if you’re suitable for Zenyum Invisible Braces!

Smile brighter today!

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