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Take a walk on the bright side with ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips. For on-the-go teeth whitening in minutes, without the mess and sensitivity*.

  • Up to 4 shades whiter teeth**
  • Enamel-safe and peroxide-free
  • No mess, dissolves in minutes
  • Freshens breath with peppermint flavour
*Based on Tooth Enamel Safety Study.
**Average shade change among participants who saw teeth whitening efficacy from a consumer self-assessment study (n=56) after 28 treatments (2x per day) in Nov 2019, UK.

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For a crisp, cool razzle dazzle that’s fuss-free and life-friendly.

Designed to dissolve safely in minutes, ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips are powered by Tri-Action ZenWhite Technology to brighten and freshen your teeth with a crisp mint kick.

  • Achieves up to 4 shades whiter* teeth
  • Dissolves safely after 15-20 minutes
  • Snug fit design
  • Suitable for sensitive teeth

*Average shade change among participants who saw teeth whitening efficacy from a consumer self-assessment study (n=56) after 28 treatments (2x per day) in Nov 2019, UK.

  • ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips
  • Instruction manual

  1. Peel off packaging and remove whitening strip using dry hands.
  2. Paste the strip on visible areas of your upper teeth, avoiding your gums.
  3. Wrap any excess strip behind teeth. Repeat steps for lower teeth. Strip will dissolve 15-20 minutes after application.

Pro tip: Pair with your ZenyumSonic™ or ZenyumSonic™ Go Toothbrush and ZenyumFresh™ Toothpastes Day! and Night. for more whitening power.

Are whitening strips safe?

Yes. The safety of the formulation has been evaluated and approved by a qualified assessor.

Can I leave it on overnight?

This is not a leave-on overnight product. ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips are designed to dissolve safely in 15-20mins.

Can I use this with invisible braces on?

We don’t recommend it. You can put your invisible braces on after the strip fully dissolves.

My whitening strips don’t work

Make sure the strip is applied flat onto the surface of your teeth, at least twice a day. A 14-day consumer research teeth whitening study among 56 participants in the UK validated that our strips did whiten 4 shades brighter with proper use.

Will it damage bonded teeth?

The product is not to be used on loose teeth/dental restorations.

Is the whitening permanent?

The whitening result will need regular and consistent usage of the product. However the extent and duration of the whitening effect will depend on factors like food/drink consumption, oral hygiene practices, lifestyle choices, inherent teeth colour and discolouration.

Is this product SFA-friendly?

ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips meet the stringent regulatory standards for the product type and in the countries we are selling in. The scope of regulatory standards would cover ingredients to the final product.

Does this whiten without sensitivity?

In a consumer study with 56 participants, 93% of consumers expressed no teeth sensitivity. It is further supported by a tooth enamel safety study, in which no dentine or enamel erosion was observed when using the whitening strips. There was also no change in microhardness of the enamel post treatment.

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