Zenyum Success Stories: How Cherie Transformed Her Smile in 7 Months!

21 October 2020

Meet Cherie, Co-founder of The Travel Intern. Cherie’s life revolves around travel, documenting her adventures and sharing stories that inspire us to seek thrill. After 4 years in a marketing role, she quit her job on a quest to get more out of life. This journey took her to India where she spent 3 months exploring the ins and outs of yoga. Fuelled by her passion for adventure, zest for life and love for telling stories, Cherie started The Travel Intern — A Singapore-based community of storytellers and explorers.

About 7 months ago Cherie embarked on another life changing adventure — one to fix her smile.

How much would you pay for straight teeth?

Growing up Cherie had pretty straight teeth, she was one of the lucky ones. But when her wisdom tooth started growing out, it pushed out one of her front teeth — making it jut out. It was small but noticeable, and it bothered her. She was conscious in photos as the crooked teeth would look more obvious in certain angles.

For a new business owner and someone whose life is documented on the internet, looking and feeling good about herself was crucial. She started looking out for the various teeth alignment options. She wasn’t keen on traditional metal braces because of all the horror stories she’d heard growing up — tight wires and ulcers everywhere!

Clear aligners seemed like the obvious choice — they were removable, invisible and no ulcers. However when consulting another dentist, she was quoted a treatment price of $7.5K++ and a duration of 2 years — way over her budget and an exorbitant amount of time to commit.

Cherie’s Invisible Braces Journey with Zenyum

Shortly after the consultation, Cherie saw an Instagram ad for Zenyum — Invisible Braces that effectively straighten your teeth from $2,650. It sounded too good to be true. Cherie was skeptical but decided to do the free online pre-assessment anyway.

She had a chat with her personal smile consultant from Zenyum, who reassured her on the effectiveness of the treatment. Zenyum was perfect for her as they could help with mild to moderate aesthetic corrections of the front teeth. Read what other Zenyum customers have to say about their smile transformations here.

For Cherie, the exciting part about Zenyum was how well it fit into her active lifestyle and busy schedule. As someone whose job revolves around being on the go, Zenyum Invisible Braces proved to be an easy and convenient fix for her dental concerns.

“With Zenyum, I didn’t have to worry about monthly checkups clashing with my travel plans.”

She got all her aligners at one go during the initial fitting and was able to chat with her dentist on the app to monitor her progress remotely.

Zenyum’s unique solution gave her the flexibility to travel and do what she loves while also staying on top of her smile transformation.

Now only 7 months later, Cherie has a smile she loves and feels confident about. Keep up with Cherie’s adventures around the world on her Instagram @cheriesyw.

Get started on your Zenyum journey today. No more what if’s, it’s all smiles from here!

Ready to Feel the Zenyum Difference?

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