Can We Trust Zenyum Aligners? (With Before & After Photos)

Person holding clear aligner up to their teeth

Let’s clear some misconceptions and share how invisible braces work to straighten your teeth. Zenyum is not solely an online-facing brand but follows a proper orthodontic process. Working closely with partner dentists across the country, we are able to provide personalised treatments for each unique case.  Click to see before and after photos Are Invisible Braces […]

Zenyum wows delegates at IDEM 2022

Zenyum's CEO and staff at IDEM Booth

Whether you’re a dentist, customer or someone looking to partner with us, Zenyum can help you step up your smile game. From 7-9 Oct, Zenyum presented its suite of smile cosmetics alongside leading brands at IDEM – APAC’s leading Dental Exhibition and Conference. For our first IDEM showcase, we designed a colourful, interactive booth setup […]

4 Grooming Tips For Men To Achieve The Ultimate Glow-up | Zenyum SG

Grooming tools for men

Slippers to Orchard Road? Movember moustaches all year round? If we could speak on behalf of all the ladies, we would say that these are definitely a no-no when it comes to men’s appearance. Whether you are a bachelor ready to mingle or happily in love, we all need a little glow-up now and then. […]

5 Natural Beauty Trends In 2021 To Enhance Your Features | Zenyum SG

2021 natural beauty trend #1: Skinimalism From dewy makeup looks to simple everyday dos, Skinmalism has hit us in full force. This new trend helps you look fresh for your morning meetings and dates, giving you a healthy glow that enhances your natural beauty. Whether it is keeping it light on the foundation or using […]


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