Can You Trust Zenyum Aligners? (With Before & After Photos)

27 October 2022

Person holding clear aligner up to their teeth

Let’s clear some misconceptions and share how invisible braces work to straighten your teeth. Zenyum is not solely an online-facing brand but follows a proper orthodontic process. Working closely with partner dentists across the country, we are able to provide personalised treatments for each unique case. 

Are Invisible Braces only a hype?

Having a perfect smile may be a ‘want’ by many as they seek the most affordable and trustworthy aligner brand available in the market. 

But, does Zenyum Invisible Braces fall into this category?

Clear aligners vs braces

While metal braces are associated with adolescence, many adults often get braces for a variety of reasons. For adults who did not get the chance to solve their teeth problems when they were younger, now opt for a discreet way to straighten their teeth by using clear aligners. With this surge in demand for cosmetic dentistry, you’ve likely seen an ad on clear aligners or have had a friend who has gone through the process of using one. 

However, cosmetic dentistry and clear aligners are more than just a trend as people grow more aware of how important it is to invest in correcting their bite.

Read more: clear aligners vs metal braces

Straightening teeth with clear aligners

Your bite, or how your upper and lower teeth are aligned, is not just an aesthetic issue, as having a poor bite could lead to dental issues. Having crooked teeth can make cleaning your teeth more difficult. This is because it’s harder to get into all of those hard-to-reach places between crooked teeth. Furthermore, poor cleaning due to crooked teeth could lead to tooth decay and bad breath from all the food stuck between your teeth. 

Invisible aligners also have an added emotional benefit as their clear nature allows you to go about your social activities without anyone noticing you’ve even got braces on!

What makes Zenyum different?

Man holding aligners and smiling widely

Besides being more aesthetically pleasing compared to traditional metal braces, the process of straightening your teeth is much quicker. The required teeth movement can be planned and performed more precisely according to your teeth needs.

We’ve broken away from the tedious process of monthly dental visits to only the necessary visits. With the help of our proprietary mobile app that tracks your wear time, the process can be made much more convenient. Read more about this in our guide to the Zenyum Invisible Braces process

Before and after photos of real Zenyum results

You must be wondering since it is quicker and more aesthetic, can Zenyum braces really give results? Here’s a look at some of our satisfied customers before and after their smile journeys.

Full-face photo of Zenyum customer after invisible braces

The first photo is Darren’s smile before Zenyum. The next was his smile on his last set of aligners. His ZenyumClear™ treatment took only 6 months to complete, with 15 aligner sets, and only 3 clinic visits. 

ZenyumClear™ Plus before and after

In this other Zenyum smile transformation, this customer had a wide protrusion to close. His ZenyumClear™ Plus treatment took only 10 months with 30 aligner sets and 3 dental visits. 

Experience the Zenyum difference

Just like how we would only step on a plane with a certified pilot, our partner dentists oversee the process to provide proper orthodontic treatment to all our patients. 


You can say goodbye to all the pains of having crooked teeth, and say hello to a better smile by taking our free smile assessment today!

Get your smile journey going today!

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