Brighten Your Smile Journey with ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips

11 November 2022

A girl and guy smiling and holding whitening strips

Our successful launches were met by our Zenyum Waterflosser Pro and ZenyumSonic™ Go in July and August respectively. As Zenyum continues into our next phase of oral care innovation with the rising trend of having a whiter smile – we introduce ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips.

What are ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips all about?

The whitening strips are a discreet whitening option for those with demanding schedules, dissolving in just 15-20 minutes. The no-rinse formula allows users to reduce teeth stains on-the-go. The strips can be used twice daily for effective results – your teeth will be able to get to 4 shades whiter* without the risk of damaging your teeth’ enamel.

The need for ‘gentle’ teeth whitening is more than ever

Whitening products have always been a huge craze in Asia and globally it has gone beyond functional hygiene; evolving to a standard of beauty and lifestyle. 

However, many who have undergone teeth whitening treatments experience sensitivity1. This is why ZenyumBright™ Invisible Whitening Strips are specially formulated with the Tri-Action ZenWhite Technology. The peroxide-free and enamel-safe formula reduce harshness caused by traditional whitening treatments, which makes it suitable for users with sensitive teeth concerns.

Wearing whitening strips with braces

This latest addition to the Zenyum family aims to make teeth whitening accessible for all, following through on our brand’s mission to make Asia Smile More. 

A plus point about our whitening strips is that it complements any Zenyum Invisible Braces user who is looking to whiten their teeth simultaneously. It is made to be convenient and can even be used while on your smile journey. 

Sounds like a win-win situation!

Who else is excited about achieving straighter and whiter teeth at the same time? Get ready for an unstoppable smile by taking our free smile assessment and check out our range of oral care products to keep on dazzling!

*Average shade change among participants who saw teeth whitening efficacy from a consumer self-assessment study (n=56) after 28 treatments (2x per day) in Nov 2019, UK. Results may vary. ₁J Am Dent Assoc, 2002

Achieve your straighter and brighter smile today!

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