4 November 2022

3 mins read

6 primary teeth issues Zenyum Invisible Braces can help fix!

Nobody tells it straight to your face if you have crooked teeth.

Girl smiling with Zenyum Aligners

Just imagine someone saying, ‘Hey, your teeth are crooked and it looks like you need to do something about it.’ The line between being mean and helpful is way too fine, so it’s better to say nothing. 

We’ve covered the topic of signs you need braces but let’s break down the 6 main teeth problems and how Zenyum can help.

Teeth mockup of crowding of teeth and rotation bite issue

The two most basic misalignments is the problem of not having enough room in the jawbone to accommodate all teeth. This causes them to twist, turn and overlap when it begins growing. 

Teeth mockup of an overbite

An overbite also known as a deep bite or overjet is when the upper front teeth overlap the bottom front teeth too much when your mouth is closed. An overbite commonly occurs when you have a small lower jaw, or the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw.

Teeth mockup of an underbite

Opposite of an overbite is an underbite where your lower jaw rests in front of the upper jaw when your mouth is closed. However, correcting an underbite cannot totally be fixed with braces due to underlying bone development.

Teeth mockup of a crossbite

You could call this a mixture of both types of bite. It refers to when one or more of the lower teeth fit outside of the upper teeth. This may cause the jaw to grow lopsided and in turn, wear down teeth if left untreated.

Teeth mockup of gaps in teeth

This teeth condition is basically when there are spaces in between the teeth. There are several reasons spaces can occur and can cause food to be trapped in between – even with the tiniest gaps.

How can you fix your misalignment?

If you didn’t know by now, Zenyum can help you correct your misalignment with our Invisible Braces. 

We have two types of treatments for different case complexity. Mild to moderate cases which usually only require movement of the first 8 teeth can be fixed with our ZenyumClear treatment. While our ZenyumClear™ Plus is for customers who have more complex teeth problems that require movement of all teeth.

It may be hard to tell whether correcting your bite should be a priority or if you even have a misalignment. This is why we offer a free smile assessment from the comfort of your own home.

Find out which ZenyumClear™  treatment suits you!

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6 primary teeth issues Zenyum Invisible Braces can help fix!


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