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Get that dentist-fresh feel the smarter way. Meet the sonic-powered toothbrush that understands your every need. Includes:

  • One wireless charger
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Limited time
  • One-year warranty

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Experience a deeper clean with sonic power

By vibrating 33,000 times a minute - a speed that's about 10 times faster than your typical electric toothbrush - you can now clean more effectively with the ZenyumSonic toothbrush. What's more, you simply glide it over your teeth instead of scrubbing. How's that for incredible?

  • It also comes with 3 different modes for all your different needs – Clean, Gentle, and White. Also, the multi-purpose brush head with tongue-cleaner ensures you can clean even more when you brush.
  • Zone out when you brush as the automatic 2-minute timer with 30-second reminders makes sure that you’re brushing for as long as recommended by dentists. No silent counting needed.
  • The low battery notifications and wireless charger make it so easy for you to never run out of juice.
  • One ZenyumSonic Toothbrush
  • One wireless charger

Dentists recommend you change brush heads regularly for an optimal and hygienic cleaning experience.

This is why we designed the Brush Head Value Plan – the more cost-effective way for you to keep track of when to change your brush head, by getting them delivered right to your doorstep. And shipping is free!

  1. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the ZenyumSonic brush head
  2. Place the ZenyumSonic in your mouth before you turn it on
  3. Press the ‘+’ button to cycle through the three modes: Clean, Gentle, and White
  4. Glide your ZenyumSonic over your teeth in one quadrant of your mouth and move to another quadrant every time you hear the beep (that means 30 seconds have passed!)
  5. Once your ZenyumSonic automatically stops after two minutes, rinse your mouth to remove any residual toothpaste
  6. Use with your New Smile Ritual to optimise your results

  • Use White mode in the mornings with your ZenyumFresh Day! Toothpaste for a brighter smile throughout your day.
  • Use Clean mode with ZenyumFresh Night. Toothpaste before you sleep to deep clean your smile after a long day.
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“My first ever electric toothbrush and I LOVE IT!”

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