Zenyum vs Dr. WonderSmile – What’s the Difference?

17 May 2024

Zenyum invisible braces against a dark blue background

Are there too many teeth straightening solution providers out there? Do you know which one is right for you? We’re here to share key insights regarding Zenyum Invisible Braces and Dr. WonderSmile to help you make a more informed decision! Read on to learn more. 

Please take note that the below is accurate as at the time of publication and is only meant to be a guide.

What are clear aligners?

Designed to straighten your teeth, clear aligners apply gentle pressure to your teeth, so that you can have a well-aligned smile. They’re also barely noticeable and more comfortable to wear. This minimises any disruptions to your lifestyle, while helping you get the smile you deserve! 

Comparison between Zenyum and Dr. WonderSmile

We have broken down the main points to consider between the two brands below:



Dr. WonderSmile


Between $2,690 to $4,590*, depending on the complexity of the case

  • All-Day aligners: From $1,950
  • NightClear aligners: From $2,050 

Licensed dental supervision?

Who will carry out the treatment?

Partner dentists and orthodontists

In-house dentists and orthodontists

Do I get to choose my preferred dentist/ dental clinic?

Yes, choose from 600+ clinics around Singapore

Yes, choose between 2 dental clinics at Somerset or Novena

Who benefits the most?

  • ZenyumClear™: More straightforward cases, such as ex-braces wearers 
  • ZenyumClear™ Plus: More complex cases that may involve severe crowding of teeth and/or require extractions 
  • ZenyumClear™ Extra: More complex cases that may involve very severe crowding of teeth and/or require extractions

Those who only need minor teeth straightening adjustments, focusing on the front 6 teeth of both upper and or lower arch

  • All-Day aligners: For people who want their teeth straightened fast
  • NightClear aligners: For people who want their teeth straightened as discreetly as possible

Dental clinic visits?

Yes, 3+ visits

Yes, 1 visit

  • 3D scan

Average treatment duration

  • ZenyumClear™: Average 7 months
  • ZenyumClear™ Plus: Average 10 months
  • ZenyumClear™ Extra: Average 15 months
  • All-day aligners: Average 6 months
  • Night aligners: Average 9-10 months


  1. Free online smile assessment
  2. Consultation, 3D scans, X-ray at dental clinic
  3. Receive and approve customised treatment plan
  4. Fitting appointment and Collect aligners at the clinic
  5. Track progress via app
  1. Free quiz or book 3D scan at dental clinic
  2. Receive customised treatment plan
  3. Aligners shipped to doorstep
  4. Orthodontists monitor progress remotely
*Applicable for Zenyum: Prices above serve as a guide and do not include a) the $150 – $200 charged for your first dental consultation b) an additional $100 should you require a repeat 3D scan of your teeth for refinements. Prices may be subject to prevailing GST and service charge (if any). For more information, here’s a guide to the full price breakdown.

How are Zenyum and Dr. WonderSmile different?

Here is an extraction of the main differences between Zenyum Invisible Braces and Dr. WonderSmile based on the summary table above.

Clinic Locations

Dr. WonderSmile operates at 2 clinic locations, while Zenyum works with a network of dentists across Singapore at various locations. This gives you more options to choose from in terms of the clinic and treating dentist to start their Smile Journey with.


Dr. WonderSmile only requires you to visit the dentist once for a 3D scan. After that, all their aligner sets are delivered straight to your doorstep so you can start your treatment easily. While this makes the whole process more convenient, it may prevent your treating dentist from ensuring that your aligners are fitted well. 

Zenyum gives you the best of both worlds by giving you a more personalised Smile Journey, while making it more convenient for you to get straighter teeth. Although you need to visit the clinic at least three times throughout your Smile Journey, it allows your treating dentist or orthodontist to give you more guidance and visibility on your progress.

You’ll visit the treating dentist or orthodontist mainly for a full Consultation, 3D scans, X-rays, fitting appointment and collection of aligners, follow-up appointments and for a post-treatment review

Aligner Options

Dr. WonderSmile offers All-Day and NightClear aligners. All-Day aligners are to be worn 20 to 22 hours per day with an average treatment duration of 6 months.

NightClear aligners can help you align your teeth at night without anyone knowing. Although it only requires patients to wear their aligners for 10 hours instead of the usual 20 to 22 hours which is highly recommended for efficient teeth movement, this may prolong your treatment. 

Similar to Dr. WonderSmile’s All-Day aligners, the recommended wear time of Zenyum Invisible Braces is 20 to 22 hours. Mild to moderate cases take an average of 7 months for the completioon of treatment, while more complex cases take an average of 15 months.

Zenyum clear aligners for a straighter smile

Clear aligners on a blue background

Whether you’ve got an overbite, or misaligned teeth that need to be straightened, Zenyum Invisible Braces are a convenient and reliable way to get straighter teeth, while helping you transform your smile comfortably and discreetly. 

Enjoy comfort and convenience with our removable aligners. A scallop-trim cut on our clear aligners ensures a better fit, as it follows the natural curve of your gums. What’s more, you can keep enjoying your favourite foods with our clear aligners. Just remove them during meal times and pop them back on once you’re done eating or drinking.

We’ve also developed useful platforms to help you track your treatment progress. From tracking your aligner wear time to scheduling your next appointment, you can do it all in one place via the Zenyum app.

Transform your smile with Zenyum

We work with an extensive partner network to improve your smile! Trust the experts for your new smile transformation.

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