Why investing in your teeth matters in the long term

19 August 2022

Just some of the countless of advice we hear about growing your wealth with the right investment decisions. Did you know that sometimes growing our wealth can come in other forms like investing in our health?

Zenyum’s got some investment tips of our own.

Having a Zenyum smile is not just for aesthetics

Is straightening your crooked teeth really necessary even if it’s just one tooth? Aligning your teeth can be beneficial in many ways other than cosmetic reasons.

Getting rid of overcrowded or off-kilter teeth that have spaces for food to get stuck in can help prevent future health issues from arising. Over time when food gets stuck between the spaces, bacteria multiply in your mouth. This can lead to far worse problems like tooth decay and gum diseases which can potentially cause heart problems.

According to experts, there is a correlation between poor dental health and an increased risk of developing heart diseases since bacteria can infect the bloodstream.

Reduce possible dental problems that could create a big hole in your pocket

To put it simply – straight teeth are easier to clean and prevent chances of tartar build-up due to improper brushing.

Zenyum Invisible Braces work in tandem with good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups to catch problems early and help reduce spending more money in the future. Root canal and gum problems come at a price and a very expensive one at that, a root canal treatment costs an average of $1078^/tooth to remove and crown.

It can’t get worse than that? Think again.

If your gum weakens, leading to the loss of teeth, denture fixtures range from $550-$850^/arch depending on the complexity of the procedure and location. But even the cheapest of all procedures is still an expensive treatment and let’s not forget about the pain we have to endure! Yikes!

^Prices are captured on a biweekly basis and may be subject to change

Feel good and look good

Having a great smile can leave a good impression and of course one of the benefits of having a corrected smile is the boost of confidence.

Our Zenyum Invisible Braces are truly an investment to not miss out! It helps you feel good about your appearance and uplift your mental well-being; investing in your health, wealth, and overall being.

Here’s a summary of our 3 main investing tips:

  • Straighten your teeth with Zenyum Invisible Braces to help make brushing easier
  • Go for your regular dental checkups at least twice a year
  • Brush and floss with ZenyumFresh™ to remove all food stuck that could cause bacteria build-up

Now that we know medical and dental bills cost a bomb whenever a problem arises, why not take our FREE Smile assessment today as prevention is always better than cure!

Invest in your Zenyum smile today!

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