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28 October 2023

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Zenyum Invisible Braces is able to treat more complex cases

Do you wish you could smile with more confidence? Well, look no further because Zenyum’s got everything to help you Smile More. We’ve leveled up, and we’re not stopping till we give you the smile you truly deserve. Read on to learn more about our most advanced aligners, ever!

We've leveled up to help you Smile More

Perhaps you might have tried to start your Smile Journey with us in the past. Unfortunately, we were not as confident about treating your smile then, because we could only handle more simple cases in the past, and your case may have been rather complex.

Next-level tech for an all-new smile

Because we believe in helping you get a much better smile, we went back to the drawing board, worked with expert partners and harnessed next-level tech to improve your Zenyum treatment experience.  


Since 2018, we’ve been innovating and expanding our range of aligner treatment options. By leveraging tech, mass-structured data and AI, we can drive faster case assessments and customised treatment planning, allowing our customers to see results that are typically visible in 3 to 9 months.

Here's what Zenyum can treat now

From only being able to treat mild cases in the past, we can now accept more complex cases. Got a severe case of an overbite? Have noticeable gaps in your teeth? Zenyum Invisible Braces can now handle even the most complex cases. 


In fact, our aligners are now more comfortable than ever. Featuring an enhanced, innovative design, Zenyum’s new scallop-trim aligners provide a more discreet and comfortable wearing experience by covering a patient’s teeth following the contours of their gum line. With modified Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PET-G), Zenyum Invisible Braces are also clearer and contain excellent stain-resistant properties.

Affordable and flexible payment options

Getting the smile you deserve has never been more affordable and convenient. With advancements in technology and remote treatment tracking with the Zenyum app, we’re able to keep treatment prices affordable. For simple cases, prices start at $2,650 while more complex cases cost $3,990 to $4,490. What’s more, we even have 0% interest-free instalment plans to help you pay for your smile, your way.

Start your Smile Journey today

With our most advanced aligners, we’re confident that we can help you improve your smile. Let the new and improved Zenyum Invisible Braces give you the smile transformation you’ve always dreamed of!

Change your story with a smile

Introducing our most advanced aligners ever

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