How to remove teeth stains

3 March 2023

There can be many causes for stained teeth. From the type of food you eat and drink, to the changes on the surface of your teeth. Your genetics also play a part in the discolouration of your teeth.

What causes discoloured teeth?

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1. Lifestyle

One of the first assumptions you can make about why your teeth are stained is due to the type of food and drinks consumed. Certain foods contain a specific ingredient called tannins. This is an organic substance found in plants and can also be found in coffee, black tea, and wine – which many know to cause stains. Foods like beets, dark berries, and even tomato sauce are also known to contain tannins. 

Another lifestyle choice that would stain your teeth is the habit of smoking. Smoking or chewing on nicotine products is more likely to cause your enamel to stain. Tobacco in cigarettes tends to cause stains that usually look yellow, brown or even black.

2. Bad oral hygiene

Proper oral hygiene can sometimes be overlooked. But it’s one of the simplest ways to prevent teeth stains. As you eat and drink throughout the day, plaque will naturally build up. This can turn into tartar and impart a yellow to brownish colour on your teeth if you don’t actively brush it out. 

3. Misaligned teeth

Different bite problems can sometimes make it difficult to keep your oral hygiene on point. Misalignments like crowding or rotations are harder to thoroughly brush and floss through the crevices of your teeth. This can lead to tartar buildup and make the discolouration look even more obvious.

4. Braces stains

It can be common to see discolouration on your teeth once you get your braces removed. As traditional braces are fixed on the surface of your teeth, food particles can get stuck in between. What’s more is that stain-producing foods and drinks can cause even more uneven shades on your teeth since the stains they produce will be more difficult to brush off. 

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5. Natural causes

Tooth discoloration is also a product of several natural factors like genetics and aging. Natural causes like aging cause your teeth to be more susceptible to stains. Over time, your enamel thins showcasing the natural colour which has a yellow tint. Enamel underdevelopment as a child is also a factor as to why some individual’s teeth look yellow.

Are teeth stains permanent/Can stained teeth become white again?

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Yes, stained teeth can return back to their original colour with scaling and polishing done at the dental clinic. However, to achieve brighter teeth, whitening products must be used.

How to remove stains from teeth

1. Proper oral care

Having a great oral care routine consists of brushing properly, accompanied by flossing and using mouthwash to help fight plaque buildup. This also helps to remove stain-producing substances. 

Smile Tip: Don’t forget to also scrape your tongue when brushing your teeth. You can use the back of your ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush head for this so you don’t need to change tools.

2. Whitening

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While having a great oral care routine can take care of those basic stains, whitening products will definitely help get those pearly whites to really shine. This is especially if your teeth are naturally more yellow. 

Smile Tip: The best times to apply teeth whitening products are either during the day or right before you go to bed.   

3. New habits

While not drinking coffee, tea, or wine can really help prevent teeth discolouration, we understand they are not as easy to completely give up. Some ways you can reduce the staining from these drinks are: 

  • Rinsing with water right after
  • Using straws
  • Watering down your coffee/tea
  • Reducing intake 

Cutting down on smoking will also help prevent the discolouration from not just the tobacco itself, but also from the plaque buildup and bad breath it can cause.

4. Dental visits

Apart from getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist twice in a year, it’s also a good idea to schedule checkups when stains don’t look like they’re going away or if you have any other issues that might need them to look at. 

5. Invisible Braces

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We said it once and we will say it again! Straight teeth are always easier to clean than misaligned teeth. If your teeth aren’t overlapped it will be so much easier to brush and floss so you can ensure that nothing gets stuck in between. You can read more here about why straightening your teeth with Zenyum Invisible Braces will help prevent coffee and tea teeth stains.

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