Honest User Reviews for ZenyumSonic™ Electric Toothbrushes

Introduction We’ve spread the good word about how well our electric toothbrushes can clean your teeth. Now it is time to hear what our real users have to say. Pros and Cons of Zenyum It is only fair if we start off with a pros and cons list of our  ZenyumSonic™ Electric Toothbrushes: Pros Cons […]

Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush: Why You Should Make The Switch

Girl brushing her teeth with ZenyumSonic Toothbrush

Are you brushing your teeth correctly? Brushing your teeth the right way is much more complex than you might think. We hope that all of you brush your teeth at least twice a day and dentists also recommend brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes.  But let’s be honest, how many of us are […]

Elevate Your Look: 4 Male Grooming Tips for Maximum Appeal

Grooming tools for men

Slippers to Orchard Road? Movember moustaches all year round? If we could speak on behalf of all the ladies, we would say that these are definitely a no-no when it comes to men’s appearance. Whether you are a bachelor ready to mingle or happily in love, we all need a little glow-up now and then. […]

5 Natural Beauty Trends In 2021 To Enhance Your Features | Zenyum SG

2021 natural beauty trend #1: Skinimalism From dewy makeup looks to simple everyday dos, Skinmalism has hit us in full force. This new trend helps you look fresh for your morning meetings and dates, giving you a healthy glow that enhances your natural beauty. Whether it is keeping it light on the foundation or using […]

Lights Out, Wellness In: Night Routine Ideas for Peak Morning Performance

night routine habits

Everyone talks about morning routines setting the tone for the day. But just as important is what you do the night before to get up on the right side of the bed in the first place! Those precious hours of rest when the lights go out help your body and brain unwind to prepare for the next […]

A Guide to Keeping Your Teeth Healthy the Smarter Way


Chew on this: while brushing, flossing and rinsing are great steps towards keeping your teeth healthy, the foods we eat are equally important in maintaining our overall dental health. Upkeeping our oral health has to take place in both the bathroom and the dining table. After all, we are what we eat. Read on to […]

Unlocking the Secret to the Best Oral Care Routine

Learn our top dental hygiene tips for your smile A healthy smile can truly do wonders for your life. And it all begins with a great oral care routine. Read on to learn how you can achieve better oral health and an increased sense of well-being with a healthy smile. The Basics Of Brushing and […]

What Does It Mean to Dream About Teeth Falling Out?


Although most people do not lose their teeth all at once in real life, some can attest to knowing how traumatic the experience can be – from their dreams. Dreaming of teeth falling out or rotting, aptly referred to as ‘teeth dreams’, is still an unsolved mystery. A 2012 study by the Hong Kong Shue […]

Got ‘mask breath’? Here are tips for fresher breath

surgical mask on blue background

Face masks – they are absolutely essential, but often pack a funky smell known as ‘mask breath’ beneath that three-ply layer. If the term sounds familiar to you, then bad news: the culprit behind your ‘mask breath’ is not the mask itself – but your own bad breath. The mask is but the barrier causing […]

The Smarter Way To Fuel Up For Your Day | Zenyum SG

Breakfast is usually seen as the most important meal of the day – and rightfully so. From refueling your body to setting the mood for the day, a healthy breakfast routine is a smart way to start your day on the right foot. Having the right dose of key nutrients in your system helps to […]

5 Foods That Cause Bad Breath | Zenyum SG

Now that wearing face masks has become the new norm – it’s as if we have our hands cupped over our mouths to check our breath all the time! You may notice your breath more than usual, and that some foods can cause bad breath (halitosis) more than others. Here are 5 common culprits you […]

The Right Way to Brush: Elevate Your Dental Experience with ZenyumSonic

Man brushing his teeth with ZenyumSonic Toothbrush

Chances are, most of us have been brushing our teeth up to tens of thousands of times our entire lives, but does practice make perfect? Mastering the art of the brushing goes beyond dental hygiene. To fully reap the health benefits of keeping our pearly whites squeaky clean, here are some tips to brush up […]


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