How To Take Photos For Your Zenyum Pre-Assessment

22 September 2020

You’ve been thinking about straightening your teeth for a while now.

All the options you’re aware of are either way out of your budget or require some form of metal be placed in your mouth. And who’s ever smiled in the mirror and went, “Huh. Needs more metal!”?

So you’re dejected till you see a Zenyum ad, “Invisible Braces from just $2,690” – sounds too good to be true! 

It’s the perfect solution for you – if only you can figure out how to take pictures for that Zenyum pre-assessment!

If this sounds like you, read on.

Why do I need to take pictures? Why have a pre-assessment at all?

TL;DR: As much as we’d like to, Zenyum Invisible Braces can’t treat every case of teeth misalignment.

You wouldn’t swipe right on a dating app profile with no picture, would you?

Well, we can’t commit to treating your teeth without seeing those chompers first!

Why? Well, unfortunately there are several ‘severe’ teeth conditions that are too complicated for invisible braces to treat.

Zenyum Invisible Braces are able to solve mild to moderate cases involving movements of the front teeth, as well as more complex cases that require movement of the back teeth. 

However, if the condition of your teeth is on the more severe side, it might be better fixed using other orthodontic treatment solutions.  

After the initial “getting to know you” questions, the Zenyum pre-assessment asks you to upload four pictures of your teeth, from a front, lower, upper and side angle.

These pictures are used to assess your suitability for our clear braces. 

This means:

  • You save time as you don’t need to plan a trip to the dentist’s office immediately
  • You save money since our pre-assessment is completely free, no obligations
  • You get to do a happy dance (how often do you get to save time AND money simultaneously?)

Your pre-assessment pictures are reviewed by our team of dentists and orthodontists.

They assess your suitability and the complexity of the case, in line with your treatment goals. Only once deemed suitable do we then book you in for a consultation session in-clinic done by your treating doctor. 

So here’s a step by step guide on taking the right pictures and getting the most out of your pre-assessment survey.

Zenyum Pre-Assessment Phase 1: Snap a picture of your front teeth

Say cheese! 

For the first picture you’ll be prompted to take, get that camera ready smile out! We’ll need a few snapshots of your front teeth

The key is to bite down on your back teeth naturally and just smile. A common mistake people make is biting down on their front teeth and clenching their jaws.

Which wouldn’t be ideal since the purpose of this picture is to assess your bite, your natural smile and check for any malocclusions (a fancy word for misalignments).

Zenyum Pre-Assessment Phase 2: Snap a picture of your lower teeth

Zenyum Pre-Assessment Phase 3: Snap a picture of your upper teeth

Hold up your phone and tilt your chin down slightly, open your mouth wide, make sure your lips are not covering your teeth, and snap a picture!

It’s important that all your lower teeth are visible, including the ones at the back, so we know exactly what’s going on back there.

This picture will be used to assess the condition of your lower teeth and check for any obvious overcrowding or gaps.

This is probably the hardest picture to take but don’t worry we’ve got some hacks that can help you out:

  • Tilt your head up, angle your phone’s selfie camera upwards while holding it below your face. Open your mouth wide just like you did in the second picture. Make sure your lips are not covering your teeth and your back teeth are clearly visible.  

The purpose of this picture is similar to the previous one, to assess your upper teeth and the complexity of teeth movements needed.

  • If this doesn’t work, flip your phone around and follow the same steps above. This way the selfie camera can go further into your mouth. Really get in there so our dental professionals can get a good look. Before uploading the picture make sure to flip the photo, and you’re good to go!

If all else fails and you’re still struggling with these pictures, get a friend to help you out! 

And there you have it – the easy step-by-step guide to snapping your photos and nailing your Zenyum pre-assessment on your first try! 

So, what are you waiting for?

Free Your Smile Today

The straightest, widest, most uninhibited smile ever is waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.
Will it be YOUR smile?

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