The most famous example of an overbite is Freddie Mercury’s teeth. 


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The famous rockstar had four extra teeth in the back of his mouth that pushed his front teeth forward. Freddie however, refused to fix his overbite because he believed it was what made his voice so unique. 


However, mere mortals like the rest of us may feel self-conscious about our overbite. If you’ve ever been nicknamed “Rabbit” in school for your buck teeth or avoided photos of your side view because of your “duck face”, that feeling of sheer embarrassment may be familiar for you. 


An overbite is when your upper jaw sticks out more than your lower jaw.


Severe overbites are also called malocclusions and can make you appear to have a weak chin so your face looks shorter and rounder. 


The problems associated with an overbite aren’t restricted to animal name-calling or lower confidence in your appearance.


They can also have serious consequences for your dental health, speech and ability to chew. 


To fix a minor overbite, braces are often a good option as they involve correcting the positions of your teeth.

The curse of the overbite

Overbites are largely genetic and are caused by the shape and size of your jaw and teeth, so you may not have done anything to cause an overbite.


However, certain habits such as thumb sucking can contribute to the overbite. 


Biting your nails or the ends of a pencil or pen can also contribute to your overbite. 


Even if you’re guilty of unintentionally causing your overbite, invisible braces are a common treatment option you can undergo to fix your buck teeth if it is not too severe.

Why you shouldn’t procrastinate on treating your overbite

overbite problems


Overbites can give you headaches because of the tense muscles in your jaw. 


It also might be harder for you to chew food if your front teeth don’t close directly over your bottom teeth, and the additional effort can create tension in your jaw muscles. 


You might also be wearing down the back of your teeth while chewing, so your teeth become thinner and weaker. Bacteria can grow easily and there’s a risk it’ll become more painful or difficult to chew over time.


What’s more, buck teeth and overbites can lead to pain or clicking sounds when you move your jaws. 


You may also speak more with your tongue so you can’t speak as clearly or pronounce certain vowels, and you might even have a lisp.

Invisible braces can rescue your overbite

invisible braces


Fortunately, invisible braces can help you correct your overbite. Your dentist may advise you to extract some teeth, as having too many teeth may be the reason why your front teeth are being pushed forward. 


For your overbite, braces also apply pressure on your teeth to move into new positions that reduce the appearance of your buck teeth.


If you cringe at the thought of looking like an awkward teenager in front of your colleagues in the office, there are invisible braces you can wear so nobody can tell you’re wearing braces. 

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Don’t Ignore Your Overbite

Delaying treatment could lead to more than a mouthful of problems!