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12 August 2022

It takes a certain kind of person to beam with joy at the very prospect of going on a five kilometre run, or an intense hour-long spin class. To the uninitiated, it may seem pretty nuts to look forward to sweating like a maniac and then having aching muscles for the next two days.

But, these people are just savvy to the fact that working out doesn’t just improve your physical health, but your mental health as well! Here are four reasons to exercise:

1. Exercise releases happy hormones, alleviates stress and so much more

Have you ever heard of the term “runner’s high”? This usually refers to the feeling of relaxation and euphoria after completing an intense workout, usually cardio, like running. According to Hopkins Medicine, this blissed out vibe just might be the courtesy of endocannabinoids, a substance similar to cannabis that is naturally produced by our bodies! Of course, scientists are still trying to figure out exactly what causes this “high” feeling.

While endorphins may also help you improve your post-workout mood, they’re apparently more likely to prevent muscle pain than chill you out after an intense gym sesh.

Exercise also alleviates stress. We don’t just mean that it takes your mind off your annoying colleagues, or that fight you had with your partner. Research shows that exercise can literally reverse stress-induced brain damage. Isn’t that neat?

2. Working out can help you get a good night’s sleep

Sleepless nights are probably one of the worst and most frustrating things. It’s bad enough when it happens occasionally, but if you find yourself tossing and turning more often than not, you might want to try exercising to get a better night’s rest.

The Sleep Foundation says that even moderate exercise can help reduce sleep onset, aka, the time it takes to fall asleep. Don’t worry about having to work up a sweat for hours to get this benefit though. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, just 30 minutes of moderate cardio will be enough to get sleep that leaves you feeling well rested. No more hitting the snooze button for you!

3. Connect and bond with friends at a Zenyum x AbsoluteCycle spin class!

Exercising with friends has loads of benefits versus working out all by yourself. 

Having a workout buddy keeps you accountable, and makes exercise way more enjoyable. It could even be a way to meet new friends with common interests, and help you bond better with the friends you already have through the shared experience of your super gratifying, sweaty workouts.

Which is exactly why we organised a Zenyum x AbsoluteCycle private spin class, so that our friends could get their sweat (and their smile) on! It was a super fun event that definitely brought our little community together through an energetic workout. If you want us to organise another event like this again, make sure to drop a comment on our Instagram post and let us know you’d love to attend! We’d be happy to get our workout on with you. After all, we’ve already proven that exercise has real benefits that help you Smile More. 

Now that you know how exercise can improve your mental health and boost your happiness, it’s time to put that knowledge into action. Just start slow and steady, and your body will take care of the rest. 

While you’re embarking on your fitness journey, why not start on your Smile Journey as well? Take the free pre-assessment by clicking the link below to find out if Zenyum Invisible Braces are right for you.

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