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Thanks to your friend who referred you here, you can start your free smile assessment and get off Zenyum Invisible Braces! (What a great friend.)
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If eligible, visit our partner dentist for an oral assessment, 3D scan and X-rays. You will then receive your treatment plan for your approval.
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Once confirmed, we can send your aligners into production. Enjoy the smile you love at less than the usual price.
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You will get off the total cost of your Zenyum Invisible Braces treatment at checkout. undefined
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Get pre-assessed online for Zenyum eligibility, go for a dentist consultation, approve your treatment plan, then start wearing your custom-made clear aligners to transform your smile! Those are the basics – for more details, you can read this article.
While Zenyum can treat a wide range of mild to complex cases with ZenyumClear™ and ZenyumClear™ Plus, sometimes we just can’t change the world. We can still help you Smile More though – have you tried our award-winning sonic toothbrush?