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Zenyum | Invisible braces

“Another dentist appointment?!”

Not too many. Not too few.

As former braces wearers, we know the dread of multiple clinic visits – but also understand how important professional opinions are.
With other brands, you may have to visit the clinic every month, but with Zenyum Invisible Braces, you get the expertise of Southeast Asia's best tooth doctors right at your fingertips. Through the Zenyum app, you get check-ins with your dentist every 10 days and you don't even have to travel!

The result? Straighter teeth under professional supervision, without visiting the clinic as much as you'd expect.

Right aligner

Which Zenyum Invisible Braces is right for you?

Discover which type of invisible braces treatment best suits you.

ZenyumClear™ZenyumClear™ Plus
Cost$16,800 (Excluding consultation fee of $1,500 paid directly to clinic)$20,800 - $23,800 (Excluding consultation fee of $1,500 paid directly to clinic)
Treatment ScopeMild to moderate cases involving movement of top and bottom ten teethModerate to complex cases involving movement of all teeth
AttachmentsMinimal or noneYes, on multiple teeth
Treatment Time3 - 9 months8 - 15 months
ExtractionsNoneIf necessary

How it works

Your world-conquering smile is just 5 easy steps away. That’s closer than going to the bathroom. (Unless you’re reading this on the throne, in which case…no judgement.)


Snap & send

Of your teeth and send them to us. If you’re suitable for ZenyumClear or ZenyumClear Plus, you’ll have to attend a consultation at a HK licensed dental clinic. (This step is absolutely free!)


Meet a dentist

At the clinic, you get a teeth scan, a full mouth X-ray and a tissue exam. This will cost between $1,500 and must be paid directly to the clinic, which is why it isn’t included in your treatment package.

Approve & pay

Once the clinic gives us the go-ahead, we send you a 3D simulation of your new smile for approval. Only when you’re happy with it do you pay for your Zenyum treatment. (If you approve, here’s where you purchase your ZenyumClear or ZenyumClear Plus aligners to begin your Zenyum Aligner Journey.)


Start your treatment

Within 4-6 weeks, you’ll get your custom-printed invisible braces. If during your journey a set doesn’t fit, we’ll make new ones for you at no extra cost. Note that if your teeth need a rescan, this will cost $1,500, to be paid directly to the clinic.

Know your options

Learn the difference and pick what’s best for you.

Differences at a glance

ZenyumDIY braces
Cost$16,800 - $23,800$14,500 - $15,000
Dental consultationsDone only by licensed dentistsDone by sales representatives
X-raysMandatory, to uncover potential underlying conditionsOnly if requested by dentist (additional costs apply)
In-person dental clinic check-upsDone only by licensed dentistsOnly if requested by you (additional costs apply)
Dentist monitoring via AppYesYes

Differences at a glance

ZenyumMetal braces
Treatment cost$16,800 - $23,800Approx. $30,000 - $70,000
Dental supervisionDone only by licensed dentistsDone only by licensed dentists
Ease of use and processAligners are removable, and only needs to be worn for 22 hours a dayBrackets are non-removable until the end of treatment
In-clinic dental visitsAt least 3 visitsOnce a month
Average treatment duration3 - 15 months18 - 24 months

Pricing. As clear as our braces.

No hidden costs, no pricey surprises — what you see is what you get. And you can pay it your way: Your entire treatment at one go, or in interest-free instalments.

Single payment


Your entire treatment in a simple, one-time payment of $16,800 - $23,800.

  • In-app treatment monitoring
  • Full set of clear aligners
  • Dentist supervision
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Free assessment

6-month instalment plan


Cover your treatment in 6 easy, interest-free payments.

  • In-app treatment monitoring
  • Full set of clear aligners
  • Dentist supervision
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Free assessment

Single payment


Your entire treatment in a simple, one-time payment of $16,800 - $23,800.

  • In-app treatment monitoring
  • Full set of clear aligners
  • Dentist supervision
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Free assessment

Real people.
Real reviews.

User Reviews

See the difference.

Check out our community’s Before and After smiles!

Your most biting questions, answered.

Zenyum Invisible Braces

Our 3D-printed aligners are a safe and simple way to help you get a confident smile. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Send us pictures of your teeth. (This step is absolutely free!)
  2. We’ll determine if you’re eligible for ZenyumClear or ZenyumClear Plus Aligners.
  3. Go for a teeth scan at HK licensed dental clinic. (This will cost $1,500, to be paid directly to the clinic.)
  4. Review your customised treatment plan created by our labs.
  5. If you approve, here's where you pay $16,800 (for ZenyumClear) or $20,800 - $23,800 (for ZenyumClear Plus) to begin your ZenyumClear journey.

You’ll have to wear your aligners for 20–22 hours daily, only removing them while eating, drinking or cleaning them. We’ll send you detailed care instructions with your aligners package, so you know exactly what to do.

Treatment time varies on a case-by-case basis, but smile transformations on ZenyumClear take an average of 3 - 9 months. Due to the more extensive nature of ZenyumClear Plus, treatment can take up to 15 months.

Most wearers start seeing a difference 2–3 months after beginning treatment.

Zenyum Invisible Braces is designed to treat both upper and lower teeth at the same time, because this gives better and more predictable results. If your teeth are crooked on one jaw only, we’ll focus tooth movement on that arch, with just small movements of the teeth of the opposing jaw.

We don’t recommend our treatment for those under the age of 18 as your mouth is still developing at that stage.

We’re dedicated to helping you smile more, so we’ll send you as many sets of aligners as it takes to create a smile you’re happy with, at no extra cost. Note that you’ll have to get your teeth rescanned at a HK Licensed Dental Clinic for each new set – every consultation will cost about $1,500, paid directly to the clinic.

Our treatment plan combines both professional orthodontic expertise with remote-monitoring technology for an experience that’s both safe and hassle-free. Many other brands offer only a more traditional, lengthier treatment, or a less-safe DIY process.

We also focus only on making aesthetic corrections to your front set of teeth. By narrowing the scope of treatment, we’re able to offer you effective results at much more affordable prices.

Most patients don’t require their wisdom teeth to be extracted unless they’re causing a problem. To find out if you need to remove yours, take our free pre-assessment https://obt.zenyum.com. If you pass, you’ll be invited for an initial consultation, where our dentist partner will examine your teeth and advise you.