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Flash a brighter smile in only 5 days.

Carbamide Peroxide

Activated by water (saliva) and released gradually to whiten teeth safely.

Potassium Nitrate + Calcium Phosphate + Sodium Fluoride

Desensitises and balances pH levels in your mouth.

Mint Flavour

Gives a cool sensation and a fresh breath.

The lights might look all high-tech and fancy. But looks can be deceiving, especially in this case because light activation has no whitening effect on teeth. Read more about it in our blog post here

Your check-up, scans, and impressions are done free of charge.

To ensure you get the best results, additional dental procedures such as scaling and polishing may be performed at extra costs.

Tooth be told, off-the-counter whitening kits aren’t dentist-approved, so there’s a risk of damaging your teeth during use.

But ZenyumBright is different. This treatment is prescribed by a licensed dentist who personally guides you on proper usage.

Plus, they’ll also take scans and dental impressions which are needed to create your set of 3D-printed whitening teeth trays. These trays are personalised to give you a snug fit, ensuring that there’s no gel spillage.

You can use your existing Zenyum retainers with the ZenyumBright™ Gel. That means you can skip the dental consultation and simply order the refill.

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