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Don’t want unexpected appearances from your last meal when you smile? Here’s why you should use this premium floss:

  • Keeps your breath fresh with charcoal mint flavouring
  • Targets plaque buildup with sturdy nylon strings
  • Cleans effectively while remaining gentle on your gums

(Nylon) Strings attached

For good reason of course! That’s what flossing is all about. Sliding nylon strings between your teeth to get rid of any food debris that might cause bad breath or an embarrassing smile.

Worry-free smiles anytime, anywhere

The truth is your tongue or fingers aren’t the best tools to remove bits of food from between your teeth.

But the ZenyumFresh Floss pick is. Its sturdy nylon threads glide easily between your teeth to target food debris and bacteria.

The charcoal-infused mint protects your breath and gives you long-lasting freshness even after heavy meals.

Eco-friendly smiles
  • Highly biodegradable as it’s made from 60% cornstarch
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free so no animals were harmed
  • Free from harmful chemicals such as PFAS and BPA

Why should you have the ZenyumFresh Floss and the ZenyumSonic Toothbrush in your smile care ritual?

Think peanut butter and jelly. First, you use the ZenyumFresh Floss to get rid of the pieces of fruit in the jelly that are stuck between your teeth.

Then you use your ZenyumSonic Toothbrush to not only brush the sweet jelly and sticky peanut butter off, but to also polish those pearly whites for a super clean smile.

  1. After any meal, use the pick to dislodge larger food debris
  2. For more stubborn food debris, slide the floss between your teeth and gums using an up and down motion
  3. Rinse your mouth after
  4. Better yet, rinse with 20 ml of ZenyumFresh Breath Shield
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