To determine the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment using Zenyum Clear Aligners – A case study


Zenyum was introduced in 2018 and quickly gained popularity as a cost-effective option to correct mild to moderate orthodontic malocclusions. A series of customised clear aligners are worn sequentially to gradually correct misaligned teeth. Most of the treatment is monitored remotely via the Zenyum app. This reduces dental chair-time, ensures better patient compliance, and increased patient convenience. Treatment times generally range from 6 to 9 months.

A Clinical Case

A 31-year-old female presented with a Class I malocclusion on a Class 1 Skeletal base. She had full permanent dentition with mild crowding on maxillary and mandibular arches (Figure 1). Her presenting complaint was the alignment of her maxillary central incisors.

The treatment objectives were to align her front teeth and alleviate crowding. The occlusal goals were to maintain the Class I buccal segments for functional occlusion, obtain a normal overbite and overjet.

Treatment involved 17 upper and 17 lower aligners. No attachments were used. The total treatment time was 8.5 months. No refinement aligners were necessary. Once the treatment was completed, Zenyum clear retainers were prescribed for long term retention.

Discussion and Conclusion

Interproximal reduction and arch expansion was used to resolve the crowding. An improvement in midline position and overjet was noticed. No attachments were placed.

Treatment was monitored remotely via the Zenyum app, with the patient coming back for just one review appointment midway during treatment.


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