What’s the buzz about Zenyum? 


You’ve seen our ads, heard your friends talk about us or come across our blog. Zenyum isn’t the only invisible braces provider around, so what’s the hype about? 


Here are the three things we’re known for – and we have the customer reviews to back it up!

Friendly Zenyum customer service and professional dental partners


If you opt for Zenyum braces, your entire treatment is undertaken under the supervision of a qualified dentist. This means you’ll visit the dentist for any scans you need and also checking your aligners fit properly. 


Need help in between your dental visits? 


Zenyum’s customer service is only a few taps away via the Zenyum app so that you can get your questions answered. 


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Zenyum braces are affordable

Braces used to be less affordable as a set of metal braces would set you back at least $3,500.


Fortunately, technology advancements in the dental field such as teledentistry and 3D printing mean that invisible braces are now much cheaper – and you don’t have to feel embarrassed with a mouth full of metal. 


Check out what our fans have to say about our Zenyum braces’ price.

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Zenyum braces make things convenient

Braces can be a real commitment.


That’s because you have to make time for dental visits and get used to the lifestyle changes from wearing braces, such as finding a spare moment to take them off before you go for lunch or cleaning them at home. 


Zenyum braces are convenient because you only visit the dentist to get new aligners or do scans, while the Zenyum app gives you direct access to the fabulous customer care team and even booking appointments if you need. 


Many customers straightened their teeth within 6 months, unlike the 2 years or more it takes to do traditional metal braces. 

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With over 200 positive Zenyum reviews, Zenyum braces have a proven track record of excellent results, a supportive customer service team and professional dental partners.


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