Some people say you are what you eat. 


Others say you are what you wear. 


You might remember the mandatory etiquette classes in school that stressed the importance of dressing appropriately for each occasion. 


However, a recent survey done by our friends at Blackbox Research says dressing is only the second most striking feature people remember when meeting you for the first time. 


The most striking feature is none other than a beautiful smile.


What do you remember most when meeting someone new?

In fact, 90% of Asians surveyed recall the smile of a person they just met while only 75% remember how the person dressed, and 69% find the eyes most striking.

Apparently, eye-power can only take you so far.

Singaporeans had a similar ranking for the features they remember the most when meeting someone for the first time.

89% remember the smile, 76% said they recall the dressing and 72% remember the person’s eyes.


Smile, Beautiful!

Maybe you want to make a good impression on your bosses and colleagues or nail your next job interview – no ego trips in other words.

Or perhaps you are trying to find your next date on Coffee Meets Bagel. 

The best way probably is to flash a beautiful smile. 

86% of Asians and 79% of Singaporeans surveyed also say their smile is their most notable facial feature over their skin, eyes and hair.

Think about it:

  • You can walk into a clothing store and purchase a new wardrobe for your ego trip 
  • Drugstores and supermarkets carry a dizzying number of skincare and haircare products if you need an upgrade in these areas,
  • But how can you improve your smile? 


Easy! Show Your Teeth When You Smile

The numbers don’t lie:


67% of men and 72% of women prefer smiles that show teeth. 


However, only 44% and 53% of men and women respectively smile with their teeth. 

Why is there an epidemic of self-conscious smilers? 


We think we know. 

  • Perhaps you have some crooked teeth that stop you from smiling openly at certain angles? 
  • Or maybe you think your teeth are too yellow to splash over the gram for all your friends and family to see…


You’re probably not alone as well. 


Scroll through your social media feed and count the number of friends with tight-lipped smiles and it’s a lot more common than you might realise.


It isn’t just about having a straight set of white teeth to plaster all over your friends’ feeds though. 


It’s about building up your confidence and presenting the best version of yourself to someone who is meeting you for the first time. Because when you leave a good impression, you open the doors to new connections and opportunities. 


Smiling openly with confidence doesn’t have to hurt your wallet either. 


Lady Gaga might say you were “born this way”, but these days, there are more affordable options available to straighten your teeth and whiten them to pearly white perfection


So all things considered, it’s never been easier to smile with a big, toothy grin everyone remembers. 

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You too can have an unforgettable smile

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