Your diet, lifestyle and age can cause you to have yellow teeth despite your efforts in maintaining good dental cleaning habits.

Thankfully, there are also many options for teeth whitening today so you can get that Hollywood movie star smile.

Perhaps too many, because it’s easy to get confused about choosing the most effective option.

There are a few essential chemicals used in teeth whitening that you need to look out for.

Key Ingredient #1: Carbamide Peroxide

The name might trigger nightmares of secondary school chemistry exams.

But really, only your teeth stains should be having nightmares – because carbamide peroxide is proven to be effective in whitening teeth.

It can break down into hydrogen peroxide, which has a whitening effect because it bleaches the dentin within your teeth.

This is a much more effective way of teeth whitening compared to using abrasive substances to remove stains on the surface on your teeth (such as those used in “natural” teeth whitening remedies).

Why not just use hydrogen peroxide directly?

Only small concentrations of hydrogen peroxide between 0.1% to 6% are safe for use in home products, and they cause tooth sensitivity.

If ice cream is your weakness or you relish an icy cold drink in the middle of a hot sunny afternoon, sensitive teeth can quickly turn a pleasurable experience into painful agony from hell.

Carbamide peroxide contains hydrogen peroxide in the ratio of 1:3, so it is safe at concentrations of 0.3% – 18%.


Carbamide peroxide at lower concentrations are gentler on your teeth.

The Tortoise and The Hare: Carbamide peroxide vs hydrogen peroxide

In a race, hydrogen peroxide is the hare while carbamide peroxide is the turtle.

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down at a higher speed than carbamide peroxide so most of its whitening power is released within half an hour to an hour, like an all-out short sprint.

Carbamide peroxide acts more slowly, releasing half of its whitening effect in two hours and the remaining over another six hours.

It takes it slow but steady to the finish line.

Key Ingredient #2: Potassium Nitrate


Potassium nitrate complements carbamide peroxide to reduce any teeth sensitivity as a result of teeth whitening.

This is because potassium nitrate has a calming effect on the nerves in your teeth.

Potassium Nitrate balances pH levels

You might have seen the classic video skit when a guy finds a girl attractive – until she smiles and displays rows of rotten, decaying teeth.

That happens when plaque enters the enamel and infects the interior of our teeth.

Teeth Whitening Kits (The Only 2 Ingredients You Need To Care About)

And how does plaque enter the teeth?


The same acids in your mouth that dissolve the minerals out of tooth enamel.

Need to neutralise the acids?

Say hello to potassium nitrate. 

Don’t be that girl (or guy) who is too embarrassed to show their teeth.

Look out for these two active ingredients if you want a teeth-whitening kit that actually works. 

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Want Whiter Teeth in Just 5 days?

Zenyum White is a teeth whitening kit containing the key ingredients of carbamide peroxide and potassium nitrate.

There’s no question about it. It works.