10 February 2021

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4 Solo Activities That Are Better With Friends

Solo activities are great when you need some time to yourself. But some are just better when done with friends.

While solitude might have become the default experience for most of us recently, it doesn’t negate the fact you have friends around you who need your support and vice versa. Here are some surprising things that are way better when done with friends.

Cooking with friends

If you enjoy cooking or baking, you might usually do it yourself. However, even a video call with your friends while you cook together or a face-to-face meetup at someone’s house to cook can be fun.

You can trade tips, learn new tricks to help you refine your skills and sit down to eat together to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Cooking with friends can also encourage you to try new recipes you might have found overwhelming by yourself (such as making a lasagna from scratch) or new types of dishes you’re not confident of cooking by yourself.


Reading besties


Curling up with a good book every day might seem like a solo habit that doesn’t exactly belong in the realm of things you do with friends. However, if you participate in book clubs, even this solo activity can take on a whole new dimension. The good thing about book clubs is you’ll never get stuck in your own echo chamber trying to understand what the author is trying to achieve.

Everyone in a book club is expected to read the book in advance and dissect it together in thoughtful discussion. Sometimes there’s a plot twist you completely overlooked. Sometimes you realise you’re the only one who spotted a critical detail in the mystery novel (when that occurs, everyone wants to be your friend).

Book clubs are a great way to bond over your favourite titles, discover new ones, and make some new friends. You can even start one for your workplace!

Running mates

Running is a solo sport, but you might be surprised how running with a friend (who’s equally as fit as you) can motivate you to run faster and harder. This is also partly why people pay money to run a marathon, even though you can arguably find routes to run the same distance for free. Running with others can push you when you feel like slowing down so you can achieve better timings.

Even if you are a casual runner, having someone to half-chat-half-pant with while running is a great way to fill the monotony of putting one foot in front of the other.

Invisible braces buddies

It might take some planning, but wearing invisible braces can surprisingly be way better when done with friends.

Having invisible braces with your friends can mean that you can all take out and put on your invisible braces at the table without fear of being judged. No more quick trips to the toilet before and after meals!

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You can also encourage each other and share tips each time someone struggles with the discomfort of a new set of aligners. There’s also no better feeling than sharing a super straight grin of solidarity with a friend who totally gets the experience of wearing invisible braces.

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4 Solo Activities That Are Better With Friends