Why Smiling More Makes A Great First Impression on Your Date

13 February 2023

In our Smile at First Sight survey, we teamed up with Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) to uncover interesting insights about what singles look for in a partner. 

As we trickle back to normalcy, the dating scene gets a little more exciting and all you singles out there may be dying to know what your future partner is looking for right?

Although this concludes the third year of living with COVID, the pandemic has never stopped us from making new connections. 81% of respondents expressed strongly that they would not skip a date or stop meeting new people due to the fear of COVID.

The secret to impressing your date? Just smile!

60% of singles seek a nice smile

We may think that physical attributes are the only factors that matter in getting matches on a dating app. Yet the top three qualities singles seek in a partner include honesty, a nice smile and intelligence. In fact, 60% of singles seek a nice smile from a partner. So if you thought a six-pack was really important, think again.

More than 80% of respondents felt that having a nice smile is important to them
Qualities seek in a partner:

76% Honesty, 60% A nice smile and 52% Intelligence and wit

Respondents ranked a nice smile the highest when asked about their date’s most attractive physical attributes. More than 80% of respondents felt that a ‘nice smile’ is a trait that matters to them. Straight and white teeth were also important factors in determining attractiveness. Singles were also turned off by dates who had bad breath, discoloured teeth and those who didn’t smile. The moral of the story? Always floss, brush and rinse your mouth before a date. Last but not least, remember to smile!

Secret to taking a great dating profile picture!

Show off your lovely smile!

It’s all about a nice, confident smile! 82% of singles voted a confident smile as the type of photo they found irresistible on dating apps. It’s even better to take a nice candid shot with your furry friends to boost your chances of getting matched with someone special! The survey also found that only 7% would swipe right to a gym selfie and that 96% voted against party shots. So it’s time to ditch the gym selfie and your wildest party photos and keep it natural with a friendly confident smile.

Dating Dos and Don'ts

Dating Dos and Don'ts

Our survey respondents also provided their best tips for your next date. The first thing to do is impress your date with a smile! Our ZenyumSonic™ gives you a dentist-fresh feel that’s perfect just before a first date. It’s also a great reminder to be yourself so you can attract the right one for you. Things that you may not want to do on your first date include talking about your ex and having bad breath.

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All you have to do is smile

It isn’t all about physical attractiveness! Our survey debunked this common misconception that many have about how to get the perfect match on dating apps. Singles are strongly attracted to partners that have a nice and confident smile. So go on, flash those pearly whites the next time you’re on a date. It’s the only thing you need to do 😁

Flash a more confident smile with Zenyum!

You can wear invisible braces even on your date so you can get a beautiful smile.

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