You’ve made the switch to Zenyum Sonic toothbrush because you’re ready to build a healthy brushing habit.




But did you know there are a couple of ways for you to get the most out of this electric toothbrush?


If you’re ready to start brushing like a pro, read on.

1. Zenyum Sonic's bristles need less toothpaste

They’re soft.


They’re high quality and engineered to reduce plaque & tartar buildup.


And they’re made by DuPont.


Zenyum Sonic’s brush head bristles are so advanced, they don’t need so much toothpaste to begin with. 


We are often trained to squeeze out half a tube’s worth of toothpaste in one go, thinking that more toothpaste equals cleaner teeth.

toothpaste GIF


But with your new sonic toothbrush all you need is a pea-sized mount of toothpaste.


So before you absent-mindedly squeeze out the entire contents of your toothpaste tube…


Just a gentle pinch on the tube – enough to squeeze out that pea-sized dollop of paste will do.


Remember with Sonic’s bristles, less is more.

2. Switch on Zenyum Sonic inside your mouth

Zenyum Sonic is powered by over 30,000 good vibrations per minute.


What happens when you vibrate bristles and toothpaste at sonic speeds outside your mouth?


Your toothpaste flies everywhere.


Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC


So unless you fancy toothpaste as part of your bathroom decor…


First: Squeeze the toothpaste onto your toothbrush bristles – DO NOT squeeze toothpaste onto vibrating bristles.


Second: Place the electric toothbrush in your mouth.


Third: Press the plus button to switch on Sonic inside your mouth.


3. Loosen up & let Sonic's bristles get in there

Now that you’ve got Zenyum Sonic inside your mouth, it’s time to start brushing.


But if you are like most people, you’re probably used to scrubbing your teeth like a maniac every morning with a manual toothbrush. 


We recommend you gently glide your electric toothbrush bristles over your teeth instead of vigorously scrubbing.


Not sure how to glide?


Let Megan show you how!

The key is to relax. 


Literally loosen your grip on the Zenyum sonic toothbrush handle, and let it do the hard work for you.


Starting at a 45 degree angle place your brush bristles on your gumline. Next, glide the brush over your teeth.


Feeeeel the bristles massaging your teeth and gums.


Taste the toothpaste. Mmmmm… mint.


Feeeeel gratitude for the unsung heroes that are your teeth, tirelessly chewing, smiling, speaking, never complaining.


Be patient. Wait for the beep from Sonic, then move on to another section of your mouth.


Before you know it, the electric toothbrush’s vibrations and micropressure bubbles have done all the hard work for you.

Fresh brush heads with DuPont bristles anyone???

Zenyum Sonic toothbrush comes with automatic subscriptions to fresh, clean brush heads at an interval of your choosing, delivered to your door.


zenyum sonic brush head bristles

Now that’s convenience!

But don’t take our word for it…

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