BIMAX may sound like Baymax from Big Hero 6, but it is certainly not as lovable as the inflatable robot. 


BIMAX stands for bimaxillary protrusion.


If you have BIMAX, your top and bottom teeth protrude outwards and your lips can stick out. 

In plain English, you have a “duckface”. 


Many Asians have some degree of BIMAX, but severe BIMAX can mean:

  • your front teeth don’t touch,
  • you find it difficult to close your lips,
  • or you have a gummy smile, and
  • you might not be able to chew properly and end up damaging your teeth from the way you bite. 

One way you could get severe BIMAX is by getting DIY invisible braces. Bad clear braces can straighten your teeth BUT mess up your bite, like this lady who could no longer chew food with her teeth.   


How Does Having BIMAX Affect You?    


Having BIMAX means your mouth can look like it is always protruding out, which may be a source of embarrassment for you because you have a permanent pout

ariana grande makeup GIF


If you have difficulty closing your lips because of your protruding teeth, you may have dry lips and find it challenging to brush the gums of your front teeth. 


You might have a very gummy smile or find it difficult to close your lips fully when it is relaxed. 


Sometimes your BIMAX may be related to an anterior open bite so your front teeth are not touching each other. This means you can’t chew with your front teeth and you may be over-relying on your molars to chew your food for you. In the long term, your molars may have excessive overuse and damage.


In more severe cases, your breathing might be obstructed and you may struggle with sleep apnoea, snoring or breathlessness in general.


Why Risk It With Shoddy Consultations?

 With Zenyum, every step of your teeth-straightening journey is taken under the supervision of a licensed, local dentist to ensure long-lasting, healthy results.


What Causes BIMAX?   


BIMAX is partly genetic and a large proportion of Asians naturally have mild BIMAX due to their bone structure. 


These days, more people are also getting BIMAX through wearing poorly designed invisible braces that change your bite


This especially occurs with DIY invisible braces providers that mail you all the invisible braces you need in one shot with no in-person dental supervision to detect or intervene in any dental problems that arise during this time. 


Either that, or the DIY clear braces seller is based 159,001 km away so they have next to no experience with straightening teeth for Asian jaw conditions.


How Can You Avoid Severe BIMAX?    


Invisible braces worn under the supervision of a qualified dentist can help treat BIMAX. 


This is because orthodontists are trained to use invisible braces to correct your bite while straightening your teeth at the same time. 


The best way to avoid getting severe BIMAX is to get your clear braces from a provider who partners with qualified dentists every step of the way so you get regular dental advice about your teeth. 


Why You Should Be Very Picky When Getting Invisible Braces


A qualified orthodontist can ensure your teeth move correctly to their new positions without damaging your gums, teeth or your bite.


Some DIY clear aligner companies have received complaints due to their patients obtaining a straight set of teeth at the expense of their gums and the bones in their teeth


Dentists associated with these DIY braces providers have also been sued for approving treatment plans without performing thorough clinical examinations – like X-rays. 


Some patients have even gotten BIMAX when they did not have it before! They have had to go back to qualified orthodontists to wear aligners again to correct these issues and address any gum problems created by bad invisible braces. 


Pick the wrong invisible braces seller, and you could end up paying more for expensive treatment to fix BIMAX and all sorts of other problems created by DIY invisible braces.


Don’t gamble with your smile. Stick to licensed dental professionals who know what they’re doing.