30 October 2020

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How Do DIY Invisible Braces Like WonderSmile Actually Operate?

Do you know how DIY invisible braces like WonderSmile operate? Here are all the facts you need to know before deciding on your invisible braces provider.

No more dental visits.


No more booking appointments or having to rearrange your schedule to keep them. 


These are the promises that DIY invisible braces providers like WonderSmile make so you never have to go through the typical hassle of dentist appointments and waiting rooms.


At the same time, invisible braces don’t just straighten your teeth. They can also affect your bite and the ability to chew or close your mouth properly.


So how do DIY invisible braces sellers like WonderSmile operate with next to no dental visits? 


Here’s what happens.

1. Booking a consultation for invisible braces

The first step to getting DIY braces is to book a consultation for a 3D scan of your teeth.

You check the address to make sure it’s at a location convenient to you.

But when you go there…

You realise it is a co-working space.

It’s just a scan so as long as the person knows how to do an accurate scan, it should be fine… right?

Well…if your transparent braces seller operates out of a co-working space instead of a licensed practice, that can be an indication the people doing your scan are not qualified dentists or nurses.

The person talking to you about your treatment only knows enough about teeth to do your scan and bring up a fancy 3D model, and not much else!

It’s NOT a consultation with a dentist about your teeth, bite, and overall dental health to see if you are even fit for treatment.

It’s really a sales pitch designed to get you to pay as quickly as possible.

Remember that :

  • clinics have a license and
  • are under heavy regulation, and also
  • are required to maintain a clean and sterile environment to operate.

Co-working spaces do not. 

You don’t know who’s been in there before you, so do you want to take the risk of catching something from unsterilised equipment?


2. Designing your DIY braces treatment plan

In the next step, DIY transparent braces vendors like WonderSmile design a treatment plan for you based on the 3D scan.

You’ll be shown a digital 3D model of your treatment plan and see how your teeth gradually become straightened over time.

WonderSmile charges you $80 for your scan with a customised 3D preview of your treatment plan, with the promise to refund if you don’t qualify for treatment.

This is an age-old marketing trick.

Refund guarantees make you more willing to purchase the product because you think your buying decision is risk-free. You’re not losing anything because you can get your money back, right? That’s how companies often entice you to put in your card details and make payment first.

In this case, you’re pulling your credit card out and making a commitment before you know if you can even wear invisible braces!

But when you actually want to get a refund via many money-back-guarantees, you’ll find that it can become complicated to do so. Customer service might take days to respond or process a refund.

Or they might put in loopholes that make it difficult for you to get a refund.

If you’re wondering if this is standard industry practice, it’s not!

Zenyum’s process does not ask for any form of payment or even credit card details until you have officially seen and approved your desired treatment plan.

Here’s another problem with the treatment plans designed by DIY invisible braces sellers.

WonderSmile is an Australian company operating out of a co-working space in Singapore. Which begs the question, who is designing your treatment plan?

Is it a computer software, or someone who works in WonderSmile Australia who may or may not be a dentist? You’ll never know, because you never had a consultation in-person with a dentist!

Even if they do partner with dentists to design your treatment plan, there is no ongoing physical monitoring by a dentist here in Singapore.

So if you have questions about your treatment not going as planned, who can you go to for answers?


You need a qualified dentist on-location to answer any specific questions relating to your treatment and your results.

Furthermore, straightening your teeth isn’t the only endgame here. You might see a beautiful smile in the mirror, but lose the ability to chew properly or the bone around your teeth. 

Without proper supervision, problems such as teeth clenching, muscle pains and toothaches can come up – as have been highlighted in the press with other DIY invisible braces providers.

Your treatment plan needs to take into account your bite as well and prevent any damage to your gums and bones.

Even if there are qualified dentists who remotely review your 3D scans to approve treatment plans, this is often insufficient.

  • Further X-rays and clinical examinations are needed to identify cavities and whether there is sufficient supporting bone for invisible braces.
  • IPR (Interproximal Reduction) is typically required for a more aesthetically-pleasing teeth-straightening result. A lack of IPR can cause heavy bimax and terrible profiles in Asian jaws (aka ‘duckface’).


DIY braces sellers often do not offer you X-rays, clinical examinations, and IPR before treating you.

3. Receiving your WonderSmile DIY invisible braces

After the scan is done and the treatment plan is approved, you receive all your aligners in the mail. 


Sounds good, right? You don’t ever need to go to the dentist for new aligners again. 


But what you lose is the ability to adapt your treatment midway through.


  • What if your teeth move faster or slower than expected? 
  • What if your aligners really hurt and don’t fit you that well? 


Regular customer service staff may not be able to help you with these problems. 


With no access to a local, licensed dentist who is monitoring your treatment, there is simply no medical accountability if something goes wrong with your treatment.


You need local, licensed dentists monitoring your treatment to help you adapt your treatment mid-way if anything goes wrong.

Sure, dental visits can be a hassle. 


But do you really want to run the risk of damaging your teeth and bite just to avoid seeing a qualified dentist in-person???

Your Hollywood Smile Shouldn't Come With Collateral Damage

Zenyum is committed to helping you straighten your teeth and correct your bite.

There’s no question about it. It works.

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