What treatments are you likely to undergo ahead of a big event?

  • A facial or even have some fillers to make sure you look good on camera?
  • Perhaps eye treatments to get rid of those persistent dark eye circles so nobody can tell you’ve been up till 2am every night bingeing your latest Netflix obsession?

We worked with Blackbox Research and discovered none of these is the most popular treatment before a major occasion. 


In fact, eye treatments and face-enhancing treatments are only the second and third most preferred treatments to undergo before a major event. 


Cosmetic dental treatments take the top spot. 


Cosmetic dental procedures are the most preferred treatments before a major event

67% of Asians said they would undergo some kind of cosmetic dental treatment ahead of their big event, followed by 56% for eye treatments and 55% for face-enhancing treatments.




Well, maybe not so much considering that 86% of Asians also say their smile is their most notable facial feature followed by their eyes at 67%, their skin at 62% and their hair at 57%. 

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When you think about it, it all makes sense. 

Smiles are an important part of making a good first impression because a genuine smile conveys that you are trustworthy and authentic. Flashing a big smile can show off your confidence, friendliness and warmth. 

So while your other facial features can help contribute to a pleasant appearance, nothing conveys your positivity better than a big smile. 


Why smiling at first sight is important 

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. It could mean impressing your date and becoming more attractive to them. It could be standing out in a large crowd during a networking session, persuading your interviewer that you are the right professional for the job, or making a speech that people will remember for life. 

As much as it is about having the substance, people naturally judge a person by their appearance first before taking the time to find out more and back up their impressions with fact.

In fact, 90% of Asians also agree that a person’s smile is the feature they remember most when meeting someone new. 

Only 75% remember a person’s dressing the most.

So that dazzling outfit that cleaned out your bank account? It only has a 75% chance of getting noticed.


 This is why many people still opt to go for cosmetic dental treatmentsto make athat important  favourable first impression.


You might be wondering what dental treatments have to do with smiling. Lots of people don’t smile with their teeth, so why the need for dental treatments to improve your smile? That’s because…

70% of Asians prefer a smile that shows teeth 


People prefer a smile that shows teeth because it projects warmth and authenticity


Furthermore, an American survey showed that people with straight teeth are 57% more likely to get a date based on their photo only (great if you are a user of dating apps), 21% more likely to be seen as happy and 38% more likely to be seen as smart


The conclusion here is clear. If you have a major event coming up, you might want to make cosmetic dental treatments a priority for a winning smile that dazzles and captures hearts.  


The quickest way to improve your smile is to go for teeth whitening.


If you are a coffee addict or profess to be made up of 70% bubble tea, it’s highly likely you have yellowish stains on your teeth that can be removed.